Interview with Kristine Storey

Over the past two years, Mandy, Ali Wylie and I have been organising the Foxy Trail Runners meet ups. They are free, fun and friendly trail runs which take place around Edinburgh and the Lothians. During this time we've met some amazing people and I wanted to introduce you to some of them over the coming weeks. 

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An interview with Kristine Storey.


Owain: Hi Kristine, thanks very much for being part of this new series of blogs that I am putting together and congratulations on being the first interviewee. I'll start things off by asking, how long have you been running for? 

Kristine: Hi Owain, I've been running for a year. I got in to running as a cheaper challenge to skiing. 

Owain: Great! I guess you can run in Scotland more than you can Ski! No need to travel abroad to get a good run in. Speaking of running, what would you say is your favourite distance? 

Kristine: 10k is my favourite distance to run, I like to run on most terrains too. Whether it's hills, road or trails. 

Owain: Variety is great! What time of day would you say is your favourite for getting out for a run?

Kristine: When the light is good because all the colours around me sparkle!

Owain: I agree, I love this time of year when the mornings are getting lighter and the evenings are starting to draw out. When you are out admiring all the sparkling colours, do you listen to music or do you just leave the headphones at home? 

Kristine: I leave the headphones at home and run without music. I run without music cause I like to escape in the surroundings really and not get hit by a car. I don't hear very well (wear aids when not exercising) and like to be on the ball if I'm road running.

Owain: We met during one of the Foxy Trail Runners social runs, so I might know the answer to the next questions but, what's your favourite terrain to run on? Road, Hills, Trails? And are you a solo type of runner or are you a bit more of a group runner?

Kristine: I actually like to run on a bit over everything, roads, hills and trails. I also enjoy running on my own but also in groups, such as the Foxy Trail Runners.

Owain: As I mentioned, we met during a Foxy run, so how did you hear about the Foxy Trail Runners?

Kristine: A friend of mine had said she was going to some of them and it appeared on her facebook feed so I thought I'd join in. I'm glad I did, I love the social aspect of the runs! I've been to a number of the runs now and they are great fun.

Owain: Brilliant, we love a bit of social sharing! It's been amazing how the runs have grown over the past couple of years simple by word of mouth! I'm so glad you enjoy the social and fun side of the runs. 

What's your favourite trail shoe for the runs? 

Kristine: I really like Asics as they fit my narrow size 9 feet! 

Owain: Nice, it's so important to find a good fitting shoe for trails. Especially the more technical routes that we explore. What would you say has been your favourite route so far?

Kristine: The Roslin run was great, I've family ties to the area so really enjoyed exploring the trails there. 

Owain: Well, I hope you enjoy the new routes that we have dreamed up for you this year. Thanks very much for being the first runner to be interviewed for this new series of blogs that I plan to do. Before we go, is there anything else you'd like to say? 


Kristine: I'm really looking forward to the Pentlands run this year. They are the view I grew up with. Pretty sure all the hills will bite me in the bum though! Thanks for asking me to be part of the blog series. I've really enjoyed all the runs I've been to. Everyone is so friendly and the routes are fun even if the weather is bad. Really glad I found the group and got into trail running. It has been better for my dodgy joints and the terrain is more interesting. Lots to see and explore!


Owain Williams

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