Inverness half marathon, pre-race thoughts

This weekend is my first main race of the road running season. The Inverness half marathon. 

I've been training for this race since January and I'm really looking forward to it. I ran the race last year in 1:20.32 and was pretty happy with that. I did want to go sub 1:20 but it was windy and I took the hills a bit easier than maybe I should have. 

I've just reread my blog from last years race and I think this year, if weather allows, I'll go out sensible again but make a real effort to pick up the pace, if possible, from about mile 5. 

Race fit?

I'll always remember when I went back to Tiree to race the 10k a number of years ago. It was the first race my Mum was going to see me at and her first comment to me when I got off the ferry from Oban was, "You look ill, you sure you've not lost too much weight?". That same visit, the organiser of the 10k, a good friend as well as a brilliant athlete spoke to me just before the race and he said, "Owain, you're looking race fit". I feel I am in the best shape I have ever been, not just for Inverness but for the year ahead. 

Training has gone well, I've ran all my main training sessions, I've had a consistent weekly mileage and unlike the run up to the Glasgow half, I've done the long Sunday runs religiously. If I haven't been able to make the group run I've headed out along the cycle paths and still got a long run in. 

What if?

What if everything doesn't come together on Sunday? Well, as as long as I know that I've given it my all and left it all out on the course then I'll be OK. I will just sit down and think what went wrong so it doesn't happen again.
If it goes perfectly then you will all know about it! I'll be on twitter and instagram and once I get home I'll be blogging about it.

So...what time are you aiming for?

I'm going to write it down, put it out there for everyone to see. A PB would be nice so anything sub 1:19:42 but, if I pull of something amazing and run the race at the pace I've been training at, which is 5:50 min/mile, I could be looking at a massive PB of 1:17. Bring it on!



Owain Williams

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