It's worse than that, he's dead, Gym!

In my last blog I mentioned that Mandy kicked my butt at the core strength excercises we were doing at the gym. Well two days later I still had problems coughing, laughing, sitting up in bed, basically doing anything that required me to move my midsection! It was painful! I have now had my second meeting with the instructor and that was to give us our full programme.

OMG! I thought the first meeting was bad but it's taken me 3 days to get walking let alone anything else. I went for an easy 4 mile run the day after and pulled something in my leg which meant I missed Thursday evening training on the track. I wasn't happy and it then meant I had Friday, Saturday and Sunday off. Not great when I was trying to get a 60 mile week under my belt. Instead it turned out to be a 25 mile week. 

On Saturday I did however go to my first BodyBalance class at Meadowbank Sports Centre. 'Balance' is a Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates workout that builds flexibility and strength. I think I can work in a session a week at BodyBalance after a parkrun as well as work in some gym sessions. It was really good. Much harder than I gave it credit. I was the only guy there but to be honest, everyone is concentrating on trying to get their legs and arms in the correct positions so much that I doubt they noticed the newbie trying to get in to all the positions as if he was playing twister with himself!

I'm building up my miles again this week, the 67 miles the other week was good but I was wiped out the following week. The plan is to do 60 miles this week, 65 miles next week, 70 the week after and then once I get up to 70 miles, stay at that until London. My focus is on quality not quantity. The quantity will come but going from relatively low miles to 67 over night almost didn't work out too great. I need to find a good balance between getting my runs in but also spending time with Mandy and doing stuff around the house, this is something I need to work on though!

Tonight was my third session at the gym and I am feeling much better about it all. I should be able to get out for a run tomorrow without the worry of pulling something like last week. If I didn't know better I would have said I had ran a marathon. That's how dead my legs were! Today I got out for 7.5 miles and tried out a new app on my phone. I'm slowly making the move away from Apple products and went out with my phone and the Nike+ app. I didn't completely trust the app so I also took my garmin with me but I almost fell off the pavement when someone spoke up and told me I had just ran 1 mile! I didn't realise the app spoke to you while you were running! 

The weather was horrid though, really windy and chucking it down. Glad I went out but was also glad I was only doing 7.5 and not any further. When you're running down a hill and you get blown back up then you know it's windy! 

The gym work is going to build strength in my core and also stretch out my legs a bit. I've found I have some flexibility issues in my hips and if I could get them a bit more flexible then it should make running at pace a bit easier. Fingers crossed. The core work is tough but again hopefully it will be worth it in the later stages of races when I start to get tired. A strong core should help me keep my form when the going gets tough. 

Will put more information about my core work in another blog but it includes using Kettlebells and Vipr's as well as medicine balls and balance boards! 


Owain Williams

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