Its dark out there!

Saucony Guide 5

It continues to surprise me on a weekly basis. I head out with the road runners at Pitreavie AAC on a Tuesday and Thursday night, with my hi-viz tshirt on and now my hi-viz shoes as well.
If anyone comes along to the club without any hi-viz or bright clothing on they are given a reflective wrist band which in my mind is better than nothing. Now the bit that surprises me is when we are out on the roads, or when I am driving home, the number of other runners who are dressed in black, head to toe or very dark clothing, I mean, come on! Be safe out on the roads, give yourself the best possible chance of being seen by other road users.

I know we are mostly running on pavements but sometimes you need to go on the road, for example, to cross it and if a driver or cyclist isn't looking, its not going to be pretty!

If you don't like running in a hi-viz jacket, I agree, it's not quite cold enough for that yet! You can get really good mesh vests from online stores or if you prefer to support your local shops, I am sure they will have options for about £10.

Run and Become

It's worth it to know you are running a bit safer and will be seen!

Owain Williams

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