Just feeling rubbish and a bit low

I've been a bit low about my running recently. Even nice sunrises haven't really helped.

Sunshine on Leith


I raced the Devilla forest 5k trail race at the weekend, finished 2nd in 17:30 and I should have been over the moon with this. Another podium at another trail race but I just felt flat. The race physically and mentally was tough. My legs struggled to race at a pace I had hoped to pull off and I was so thankful that I had changed my entry to the 5k rather than the 15k. I think the 15k might have killed me. 

My target mileage for the past couple of weeks has been way off what I was hoping to do. 70 miles was the average I was aiming for. Since the 16th January I've had at least 2 days off each week and in some cases, 3 days off! This was not in the plan.

With my ankle still not feeling great I went to see Cath (a fellow Edinburgh AC runner and a Sports Massage Therapist) on Monday as I just wanted to make sure my legs weren't about to fall off! After a good chat and some massage the good news is, they are firmly attached but I should take it a bit easy and possibly do the same next week. 

With those orders I've been running once a day this week and not even running any set distance. I pull on my trainers and go out for 45 mins. I've changed the screens on my watch to just show my heart rate and the amount of time I've been running for. I'm keeping my heart rate in the 'easy' range. I've been wearing my heart rate monitor since January so I trust it's got a good idea of my heart rate range and easy is feeling, well, easy. I'm even dipping into the 'Warm up' zone during my run, that's how easy I'm taking it. 

Garmin sets the following ranges:

90-100% - Maximum zone
Develops maximum performance and speed

80-90% - Threshold zone
Improves maximum performance capacity (and develops your lactic acid system)

70-80% - Aerobic zone
Increases aerobic capacity and endurance skills

60-70% - Easy zone
Improves basic endurance, overall fitness and fat burning

50-60% - Warm up zone
Running at this paces is very comfortable and is ideal for warming up and cooling down.

Storm Doris

With the storm hitting Edinburgh earlier yesterday I decided, you know what, I'm not going out in that. It would have been different if I was running at an OK pace but easy runs mixed with heavy rain and wind doesn't appeal to me. I swapped yesterday's run with a run this morning instead, the weather was much better. 

Happy Friday everyone! What an amazing morning for a run. Crisp air, sunshine and I'd say I'm 98% injury free! Hamstring behaved this morning so maybe a couple more easy days then marathon training can continue. Wooohoo! Also got to take my new shoes out today. Another pair of New Balance 860s, now on version 6. A wee tip, to keep costs down, by last seasons version of shoes if you can. .............. #ashmeirun #teamiamrunbox #fit #fitness #furtherfasterstronger #happyrunner #instagood #instarun #instarunners #marathontraining #photooftheday #run #runchat #ukrunchat #runhappy #runner #runners #running #runtoinspire #seenonmyrun #time2run #trailrun #active_root #trailrunning #training #runtagit #runplanet #runshots #runthroughuk #runnersofinstagram

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I was meant to run the Scottish National Cross Country race this weekend but I've decided not to go. This morning's run was the first time in a while where I didn't feel my hamstring so I think it makes more sense to rest for a couple more days than race. 

I guess I feel I've just lost a bit of focus with my running, with my blogs, just with many things I guess. I know I've got Stirling marathon in just over 12 weeks but I'm already planning some trail runs in the Pentlands as soon as I can after it! I do need to find my focus for Stirling again though. I want to give it my best shot and not waste any more time with half arsed training. 

It's time to man up and just get the hard work done! 


Owain Williams

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