Just some ramblings about running

Today's blog is basically just me putting down some thoughts about my running, what I hope to get from it in the coming year and general ramblings - you've been warned!

I headed out for a run today, not that I could bothered, I'm well and truly in holiday mode just now but I felt I should get out. I pulled on my kit and headed out towards cramond with the plan to run around a loop and head home. That was the plan until I hit the loop, realised my pace was going pretty well and so I took it up to 4 miles out and then 4 miles back. I expected my legs to be in bits after yesterdays 6x 1 mile speed session but they felt OK.

I was running comfortable, not looking at my watch and enjoying the outdoors.

It was me time, time in my head to think about everything or nothing. No music, no distractions, just me and the pavement.

It was really enjoyable.

When I got home, Mandy reminded me that there was a parcel waiting for collection down at Ocean Terminal. By no coincidence, the parcel was for her and it was a late Christmas present. Rather than jump in the car, I pulled on my trainers and got an extra 2 miles in for the day. 10 miles done and dusted and I was so glad that I went out in the end.

The rest of the week

I'm back to work tomorrow for a couple of days. The alarm clock will be set for 6:30am and I'll get back in to the swing of getting a morning run in before work again. Back to the darkness for a while.

I may or may not make the morning run a speed session, I'll see how I feel but I've got a race to look forward to on Sunday.

Mandy and I are heading to the Portobello Promathon which I'm hoping we get good weather for. I'm hoping to get a new PB to kick off 2017. I managed to run it in 22:32 last year which is 5:38min/mi pace. Considering I was running a similar pace yesterday for 6 miles, a PB should be possible. We'll wait and see though!


What's in store for 2017?

Well, the first and only thing I'm thinking about just now is my marathon come back. I'll be racing Stirling marathon in May so all training and planning just now is revolving around that. I've a couple of other races on the run up to Stirling but nothing exists after Stirling just now other than a nice sun holiday!

I'll blog fully about 2016 and 2017 soon and I may even think of a different subject to blog about rather than just a ramble!

I do have a question for you all though - have you enjoyed a daily blog or would you prefer it a bit less frequent? Once a week? Once a month? I'm open to suggestions and would love to hear from you.

Owain Williams

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