Letting my hair down

Last night after a good race at Foxtrail I headed out with Mandy to the annual Edinburgh AC Christmas meal and prize giving. It was a great night out and it's always good to catch up with friends away from the track, trail or road.

Edinburgh AC has a fantastic social side to it and I think that is key to any successful club. You need a balance between serious training and letting your hair down and we can do both very well!

Last night was just the start to the Christmas festivities for us though, today we headed over to Airdrie to meet up with Mandy's family for a Christmas lunch and then on Tuesday it will be my works Christmas lunch! The mileage may be a bit on the lower side this week, but saying that, I finish work on Thursday so may sneak in some extra miles while I'm off.

I was going to blog about guys wearing shorts over their leggings but to be honest, the conversation that was on Twitter was enough for me. Some people do it, some people don't but really, there is no wrong or right. I personally don't but I can see the benefits of doing it if you are running in the rain / snow / sleet. A pair of shorts over the leggings could help prevent chafing in a very sensitive area, but saying that, a good pair of underwear under the tights could prevent this as well.

One article I was directed to which is a good read is from runblogger.com and to be honest, probably covers the subject better than I could. Have a read of the blog if you get a chance.

So, no running today but I'll be out tomorrow morning for an easy 6 mile run and again tomorrow evening. I need to try and run off some of this turkey!!



Owain Williams

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