Lost Mojo!

There hasn't been a blog post on here for a number of weeks and the simple reason is, I've lost my mojo!

I'm still running but not the same mileage that I have been over the past months, getting out for maybe 5 or 6 miles each day is about it, so my goal of 2013 miles in 2013 has gone out the window!

Reason? I could give 101 excuses but none of them would stack up to anything major. Is it the weather? Doubt it, it's been pretty good recently. Fair enough the dark nights aren't filling me with joy but that's what happens when you live in Scotland.

I haven't managed to get to the last couple of cross country races due to our flat springing a leak under the floor boards! It's been all hands on deck to try and get that sorted.

I did manage to get to training on Tuesday and I really enjoyed it. It was 8 sets of 600m, the first I started in the slower group. I had planned on running with the medium group but I missed their start!

Every second rep was to be hard effort while every other rep was at an easier pace.

  1. 2:13.2 [5:39] (slow)
  2. 2:02.4 [5:12] (effort)
  3. 2:06.6 [5:26] (slow)
  4. 1:59.1 [5:00] (effort)
  5. 2:04.1 [5:24] (slow)
  6. 1:56.4 [5:00] (effort)
  7. 2:03.3 [5:13] (slow)
  8. 1:54.8 [4:54] (effort)

On the night I thought I should have maybe stepped up to the top group as I was feeling comfortable on the slow sets and on the effort sets I was within the top 3 within the group. But looking at the stats, I'm pretty pleased with the [pace].

Once we had finished the last 600 we were then told to go for an all out 300, which I managed in 0:52.3 [4:29]. Again, I'm very happy with that!

Tonight is training again with Edinburgh AC, this time up at the Meadows rather than on the track at Meadowbank. Not sure what to expect as the weather has been pretty bad today and there have been trees blown over so will see what happens.

Does this mean I have my mojo back? Nope! But I do plan on signing up for some races very soon for the 2014 season and that may give me some focus again!

Owain Williams

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