Lower London mileage

I'm very conscious that the past couple of blogs have been reviews or not very 'training' or 'running' specific. That will hopefully change over the next couple of blogs as I work through the backlog of products I've been sent for review!

Also with the old site not working very well, I didn't get blogging as much as I wanted and I know some of you were getting a bit fed up not knowing how often a blog would appear. The good news is you can now get automatic updates on when a new blog is posted, just subscribe to the RSS feed and I also now have a blogging schedule!! 

Sounds all very professional doesn't it? 

I needed to get more organised because I have a commitment to ashmei to write blogs for them on a set timescale, some are published on their website, others are on here and I wanted to get the balance right between blogging about my running and reviewing products. 

The plan is to try and blog at least once a week about my training and how it's going and if I get a chance for a second update, I will.

Running update.

Last week was a very low mileage week. Looking at my strava log, I clocked up a massive 21.8 miles! The main reason for this was I was in London on Thursday and Friday with Mandy and although we did get some running in, it wasn't high miles, more of a way to get sightseeing in than anything else. It was a nice break to be honest and Mandy will be blogging about it soon. 

I've been meaning to do a lower mile week for a while and having 3 complete days off has done me no harm. 

This week it's back to 70+ miles planned. 14 miles yesterday made for a good start of the week. The morning run in to work was hard going though. I expected my legs to feel much fresher after the rest but if anything, they felt heavy and slow. 
The run home wasn't as bad though and I decided to take a different route home, which ended up with me taking a wrong turning up a dead end. 

I ended up getting home in 7.5 miles with an average pace of 6:59, although it was on a mostly downhill route with the wind behind me it felt good. The sun was splitting the sky and it was a lovely run home. 

Run in the sun

Tonight's track session is another 2 sets of 10 minutes tempo followed by 5 sets of 1km reps. Shame the weather doesn't seem as nice as last night but I'll give it my best shot anyway. 

This weekend will be the Forth Road Bridge 10k race for me and Mandy, I'm really looking forward to it, just hope the weather is OK for it. Last year it was cancelled due to high winds closing the bridge! I've got no time in mind for the race, due to the course, up and over the bridge twice, I just want to race for position rather than a time. There will be a race report next week.

Website update.

I've been messing about with a couple of settings on the site and changing some things. I would like to invite you to post a comment on this blog, it's the only section I have been unable to properly test. I had hoped my previous blog would have helped me test this but no one commented, or perhaps, the comments function doesn't work!

I'm also planning on changing the look and feel of the blog area of the site over the coming months, just tinkering here and there, if there is anything you'd like to see i.e. tags, categories, search, let me know and I'll see what I can do. 



Owain Williams

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