Mental breakdown on the track

Last week was a great week of training as I said in my previous blog but on Tuesday at track I had a bit of a mental breakdown. 

I ran to track as per usual and felt fine. Did the warm ups and drills and again, I felt fine. 

Did the first set of reps, 4x 200m efforts, felt fine.
Did the second set of reps, 2 x 400m efforts, felt fine. 

Then it started to go wrong in a big way.

6x 1000m was the plan.

Knocked out the first rep and really struggled to get my breathing under control, it wasn't all that fast but I felt dead. The second set I fell off the pace and terminated the rep after 800m. I decided just to stick to the 800s to see if I could at least put in a good effort for a shorter period, in a word, nope! Even 800s were a real struggle. I ended up running at the back of the group for the first 400 trying to get my breathing under control and then try and pick up the pace on the second 400. It sometimes worked, it sometimes didn't. 

After the 800s it was back down to the 400s and I can honestly say, I just wanted to stop, go sit at the side of the track and cry. I felt beat. 

I kept on going though, finishing the 200's and I've never been so glad to see the back of a session in my life. I just couldn't find my pace, my rhythm, a happy place to run. 

I've tried to analyse what happened but I can't pinpoint it at all.  Mentally I was beat and there was nothing I could do to get be out of it. 

I went home, had dinner and went to bed. 

Woke up on Wednesday morning and had 2 good runs and then last night I knocked out my half marathon pace training with a good outcome. (4 miles at 5:52/mi, 3 miles at 5:53/mi and 1 mile at 5:46/mi). Next week is a 4,3,2 session with the target pace still 5:50/mi. Still hopeful I'll manage it and there is still plenty time until Inverness half marathon. (7 weeks)



I guess Tuesday was just a blip in my training. We all have good and bad days and I'll just put Tuesday down to a bad day! I just need to learn to deal with it a bit better! Lets hope next week is better!



Owain Williams

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