Missed race and late nights!

I missed my blog update last week, I can't remember why exactly but never mind. I'm back this week. Did you miss me?

I was meant to be racing in Aberfeldy on Friday evening (16th August) but unfortunately due to work deadlines, I couldn't get away early enough to get there from Edinburgh. It's a 2 hour drive if traffic is in your favour and I was still sitting in the office at 4:30pm and the race started at 6:30pm. No chance! 

Maybe next year as it looked like a great event. A hilly event but still, a great trail race. 


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Mandy and I also went exploring some new trails. The plan was to run the new Archerfield route with the Foxy Trail Runners but last Sunday the Met Office issued a weather warning and so we cancelled the run. It was great getting some mid week miles with Mandy though. 

I've had a couple of good weekend runs too. Getting the longer runs in and really enjoying them. 

Long run.

Today I headed out at about 5pm to get in 14 miles. I don't normally do a long run that late in the day but it's Edinburgh Festival time and due to this, Mandy and I didn't get home until 5am this morning! What a night but it did mean my long run had to wait. 

I may have mentioned in a previous blog but I've been gettting coached by Hawkins Running for almost a year now and there are a couple of reasons why I opted to pay for coaching, I get tailored weekly training plans and it keeps me honest. What do I mean by keeping me honest? 

I mean that on days like today, when I've had a late night, I still pulled on my running kit and headed out. I know that I have someone checking my training diary. I hate not having a tick against a training session that has been scheduled in for me. As much as I really couldn't be bothered doing my run, I still headed out. 

I'm now 2 weeks away from Carlisle Half marathon which I'm really looking forward to and then I need to decide whether I enter the Scottish Half or not. I'll maybe see if I can wait until after Carlisle to enter.

Anyone else running Carlisle?

I also had a cracker of a run yesterday. I've been lucky to be gifted a pair of AfterShokz AeroPlex headphones which I'll be reviewing very soon but I've been doing almost all of my runs with them on recently and I've been loving having music on my runs! 

Do you run with music? 


Owain Williams

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