More miles and some Cross Country

Last week was the first week of my new training plan. More miles and running more double sessions, as well as Broxburn cross country.

Monday morning was 4.42 miles round my morning loop as it's now being called. It's a quiet and easy route, a bit of up and a bit of down, the route isn't too bad either way so to change things and to avoid the boredom of running the same route daily I just head out from the flat and pick left or right on the day. Crazy I know! 

Last week went something like this:

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
AM 4.42mi 3.01mi 4.48mi 4.00mi Rest 5.72mi XC race 15.01mi
PM 10.28mi 4x1 mile reps 7.01mi 10x 300m reps   4.53mi easy  



Wednesday was meant to be 7 miles on the treadmill but the gym was really busy so ended up going outside instead. The pace was OK but not anywhere near 6min/mi pace that the treadmill would have been. I could really feel the miles in my legs during this run.

Broxburn was brilliant. I've ran this race a number of times but this year they changed the course and I would say it was for the best. Much nicer course but still with enough variety to make it interesting. The highlight for me was the water trap which they guided you in to. No option but to go through it. As you can see from the photo.

By the time the senior men's race took place the water was pretty deep and there were a couple of people who fell in it. They didn't stay down for very long though as the water was freezing! As soon as you had gone through the water it was straight up over a mound. I made up a lot of places during the second and third laps and in the end finished just one place behind my club mate Scott. He is running really well just now and I was surprised to get anywhere near him.

Broxburn XC water trapAfter the race I had a shower and headed home and then Mandy said she was thinking about going out for a run. I thought it only polite to head out with her. It was really nice and once again it was nice to get out and just enjoy my run rather than worrying about pace or anything like that.

Sunday was my first long run for quite some time and the plan was to get 18 or 19 miles in but the weather was fowl. Snowing for most of it and I was starting to get cold, even when running and I had to stop a couple of times for toilet breaks. Luckily on the route I have mapped there are a couple of toilets so it wasn't a huge issue but by 13 miles I had had enough. This week I plan on getting out for 2 hours and see how far that gets me, I estimate probably around the 18 or 19 mile range which will be a nice increase.

Last week I clocked up 67.50 miles which is the highest mileage I have done in quite some time but I don't feel too bad for it. Its the first time I have ran doubles every day of the week (except Friday my rest day and Sunday) so all is looking good. I hope to get up around the 70 mile mark this week and continue to increase the miles of the long run as the weeks go on.




Owain Williams

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