Motivation, Motivation, Motivation

It's dark in the morning and it's dark in the evening. The only time there is daylight seems to be when I'm stuck in the office!

With the rain and wind that we have had the past week it can be really hard to stay motivated.

So how am I staying motivated during these dark days and nights? 

Firstly I am trying to stay focussed. 

I've had a pretty busy couple of weeks with running but also trying to get this website back up and running. You may have noticed on our twitter account (@runningbesideme) that we couldn't upload any blogs for a week or so. When I wasn't running or at work, I was trying to get the site back up and running. 

The weekends have been full of cross country racing, Peebles, Lasswade, Cumbernauld, Bellahouston and the season has only just kicked off! I'm also trying to keep my miles up while racing but I'm focussed on next year's season already! Looking at new PBs and training hard through the winter. 

I need to keep next year in my mind all the time, when it's getting tough on the track, I need to keep on pushing. I need to learn what it feels like to hurt while running. Replicate that in a race and PBs should be possible. Train hard = racing is easy!

Second, target key sessions and mileage.

My key sessions are a Tuesday track session with the endurance squad at Saughton track, I try to never miss this one. We have been on that track in some really bad weather but we go through it together.

A long run of 10 or more miles on a Thursday evening.

A second speed session, whether that is a cross country race or a parkrun on a Saturday and then finish the week with a long 16 mile run on a Sunday. 

Between these sessions I'm running in to work and home again. This is letting me clock up 70+ miles a week without any real impact on any other part of life. It's a good balance. 

Finally, just get out there, no matter what. 

Mandy has been teaching me a couple of things recently when it comes to running. She gets up and out the door on a Wednesday morning with no hesitation. I have had a couple of mornings where I have thought it's too wet or windy to run in to work and so have jumped the bus. As soon as I do I regret it. I hate the bus! Note to this blog the next time I think about getting the bus!

I need to just pull on my trainers and get out the door as quickly as I can, before I get a chance to think how grim it's going to be. Most of the time it's never as bad as it sounds. I've taken to running the cycle path in to work because it's more sheltered than my usual route along the water of leith, plus it's on good pavements rather than muddy trail. As much as I like the trail, sometimes I just need firm ground under my feet, especially after a tough Tuesday session.

Today however, I did run in to work but I didn't really enjoy it. The picture says it all. 

unhappy runner

The key to getting results next season is getting the solid winter training in, staying focussed and motivated. Results don't come easy but when you do get them, it's worth it! 

Owain Williams

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