National Road Relays 2014

National Road Relays

This year I will be racing at the national road relays in possibly the best shape I have ever been in.

On Tuesday I had a fantastic track session, 6 x 1 mi with 2:30 minute recovery, my splits were

  1. 5:35
  2. 5:32
  3. 5:33
  4. 5:35
  5. 5:34
  6. 5:33

Which is a big improvement since the session on the 21st January

  1. 5:36
  2. 5:39
  3. 5:42
  4. 5:39
  5. 5:39
  6. 5:38

Tuesday was mentally tough as well because I was on the track on my own. I couldn't make the team training at night due to picking up Kermit (our new car). Rather than miss the session, I headed along to the track at lunch time. The track is only a mile away from the office so makes it ideal for getting a warm up run in followed by some drills before then taking on the session. 

I took Wednesday off and last night I headed out for an easy 10 mile run out to Cramond and back. It's the first time this year I've ran this route I think, made a nice change to get all the way out and back in day light! Roll on the lighter nights!

On Sunday I will be running one of the long legs of the relay which is just short of 6 miles (5.8mi). I'm going to run with my watch but change all the screens so that I can't see my pace or splits. I want to run by feel and see how I get on. 

My previous results for the long leg are:

2011: 36:30
2012: 36:48
2013: 35:59

and I've always been the final leg to run so never usually have people to chase or keep off my back, the final leg is usually damage limitation. This year I'm on the 2nd long leg, so third runner out of the 6, which should mean I have people to chase and run away from!

Last Friday I put out a tweet saying I would happily be a brand pimp for a running company and amazingly, that night I got a tweet back saying to contact someone at VR Compression, which I did. A week later I have myself some very nice compression sleeves and recovery socks! 
I did have to pay for them but they offered me a very good deal and also offered all my twitter followers and blog readers the opportunity to get 10% off any of their products

I've worn the sleeves once and so far, I really like them. I've still to wear them during a long run but I may give them a go on Sunday at the Nationals. I'm always willing to try out new things for my running. 

I think the recovery socks will be really beneficial for after my long runs and also after racing Edinburgh marathon. Hopefully I will be up and walking sooner than normal. We will see and I will keep you all updated. 

If you would like 10% off, simply go to their website and on checkout, use the promo code RUNNINGBESIDEME . Simples!

Autumn Marathon

Yesterday was a crazy sort of day, it went from a very busy day at work to a very busy day sorting out accommodation, flights and race entries for Amsterdam marathon! To be fair, I just paid for the entry fee for the race while Mrs Williams booked the flights, hotel, transfers etc. Mrs W is running the 8km race which is on the same day while I taken on the marathon. A number of other runners we know are also racing that weekend at Amsterdam. The Sunday has 3 different races, the 8km, a half marathon and the full which makes it ideal for people who want to do different distances. I'm really looking forward to it and I'm already starting to think about what time I might be aiming for!! Crazy when you think I've not even ran Edinburgh marathon yet. 


Owain Williams

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