New aims and new focus

It's been a while since I did an update on here. I haven't stopped training, quite the opposite. I have new aims and a new focus to my training now.

London was an eye opener as to how big, big city marathons are and that I don't think I am built for that, not unless I can get out fast from the start and get out near the front to allow me to clear the pack. This requires more pace in my legs though and this is something I don't have just now.

My aim is still to get a commonwealth standard time but can this be achieved within the next year, I will still work towards it, is it my main aim though? In simple terms, no. A commonwealth standard was going to be the tip of hard training but what I really wanted was to improve over all distances and maybe, just maybe, win some more races!

I've realised my distance is 1/2 marathon, I enjoy this distance and my aim now is to really improve my times over this distance. By improving my times over 13.1 miles all the other distances will also improve.

So training started today. To force myself to run at pace I went to the gym with the aim of running 1 mile in 5:30, have a 2 min recovery and then do another. This was a bit over zealous! I managed one and then I was done!

I know some people have commented in the past that treadmill running isn't realistic and that I would be better going outside. I agree that running outside is better but I have also read about many professional athletes who use treadmills on a regular basis for very specific training outcomes.

The benefits of a treadmill are that after a mile, two miles, three miles etc, if I have nothing left in my legs, I don't need to worry about getting back to the office / home. If it's blowing 20mph outside I can still get my miles in at the pace I want. The other advantage is I can zone out, I don't need to think about my pace, I just pick the pace on the treadmill and go. There is always a risk of when you get tired you feel you are still going at the same pace but realistically you are going slower.

I am still training for the Moray Marathon and I am going for a cracking time, what that time will be is still under wraps though. After this weekend I am planning on getting out for 19 mile runs on a regular basis with a group in Edinburgh. On Saturday I am racing the Loch Leven half marathon and I would like to get sub 1:20 if possible but a PB is my main aim. I am planning on going out at a realistic pace rather than sub 6 min/mi like I did in Alloa.

PB pace is anything below 6:15min/mi average so that is what I will aim for.

I was looking at my Power of 10 profile and noticed I haven't ran a 1/2 marathon PB for quiet a while so really looking forward to Loch Leven on Saturday.

On Sunday I am heading over to Glasgow to support Mandy who is taking on the Women's BUPA 10km race. We are hoping for good race conditions all weekend, fingers crossed.

Back to the treadmill training, my aim is to add 1/2 a mile each week, this I see as realistic, a full mile each week is asking a bit much, if however I feel OK during the session then of course I will take it to the next full mile. One thing that I realised pretty quickly on the treadmill is 5:30min/mi is fast! Just short of 11mph and this still isn't fast enough for a 2:19:00 marathon! 5:18min/mi is what is needed for a 2:19:00 marathon!

If I can get the time in on the treadmill pulling in this pace then by this time next year I may be running 5:18 for shorter distances, who knows, maybe the marathon as well but that's some time away. Aim for tomorrow and next year will take care of itself!



Owain Williams

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