new focus, new mojo!

Since the previous blog post I've had a change of heart and I seem to have my mojo back for my running. What's made the difference? I have no idea other than I've been looking at races for 2014.

I think next year is going to have a couple of key races, the first being Edinburgh Marathon and then possibly an autumn marathon, currently on the cards is York.

Mandy and I have been looking for races that have multiple distances available i.e. Half marathon and 5k or 10k on the same day. We are also looking at traveling a bit more and making a weekend of the race. Get a mini holiday as part of it. The nice thing about a half marathon is I don't feel the need to rest completely the day before it. A marathon race weekend tends to mean me doing very little the day before the race and then we would be heading home the day after the marathon, which can become costly. London being an example.

I've also signed up to my first race of 2014 which will be the Devilla 15k trail race. I ran this race this year and really enjoyed it, it was the day after the national cross country race in Falkirk but due to transferring between clubs I think I might need to miss it this year.

Devilla will either be my first race as a member of a new running club or I will run it as unattached.

I will be leaving Pitreavie AAC and joining Edinburgh AC due to moving to Edinburgh and I've been training with the Edinburgh AC squad for about 2 months. I really enjoyed my time with Pitreavie, going from a 'back of the group' runner to being the Team Manager for 2 years and being a member of the committee while also improving my running to a level I never thought possible. The move to Edinburgh AC is another step towards becoming a faster runner and while I believe it would have been possible if I stayed with Pitreavie, the advantages of training with similiar and more experienced runners than myself will hopefully have it's benefits.

On Saturday I thought I would head down to Edinburgh parkrun for the first time in a while to see how my training has been going. The only problem with that was it was blowing a gale! Started at my normal spot, right on the start line, and before we knew it we were off. For the first 800 metres or so I was in second place! Not what I had expected, over the next kilometre I had slipped back to 5th but had strarted to reel the leading runners back in.

At half way I was sitting in 4th place and the wind really hit me in the face, I tried to shelter behind the 3rd place runner but I still felt strong and decided to pass him. On the way back Mandy was still making her way out to the loop and she gave me a shout. Told me to keep pushing. Afterwards I found out that she always tries to give me a position update in her shouts :
"Keep pushing" = "There is someone right behind you!"
"Looking good" = "Got room behind me if needed"

I hadn't realised this though so kept running hard anyway!

As it happened, I finished 3rd place overall, my best parkrun result but the finish times reflected the wind, 1st 17:17, 2nd 17:27, 3rd 18:09. I had hoped for low 17s but it wasn't to be.

Mandy had a good run as well, it's her first race since coming back from injury and she ran the full 5k which is great. Really proud of her and how far she has come since getting back in to it again.

I might head back down this weekend but I've got my work's Christmas lunch on Friday so will need to wait and see.

Owain Williams

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