New website logo

RunningBesideMe logoSince I launched this website I have been working on a new look for it. The current design is one that is free to download and use by anyone which does mean there will be 100s of other websites out there looking very similar to this one. Since my day job is a web developer / designer I thought I better get my thinking cap on and design my own unique look for this site.

The design is getting there, slowly, but it is getting there.  As part of the design I've been working on a logo for the site which I plan on using on hoodies, training tops etc. and I think I have the final design now. I will be changing it slightly with the use of colour, i.e. if I have a black training top I might put the logo in red or white or something like that.

I would be interested to know what you all think of it, good, bad or otherwise.

Please post a comment and tell me your thoughts.

Owain Williams

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