Not as lucky as I thought.

This morning I felt pretty good. I was out for my work's Christmas lunch yesterday and I really enjoyed it but I was watching how much I was drinking. I wanted to have a clear head for a run this morning and to be honest, I really couldn't be bothered with a hangover and having to be in work for 9am. I find it hard enough to get up, run and get ready for work on time at the best of times!

I got up out of bed, pulled on my kit and then heard the wind, got changed, pulled on a base layer, then pulled on my jacket, gloves, beanie, etc. and headed out the door.

I had in my mind that I was going to go out and back along the cycle path as it's always a bit sheltered but then as I got to the entrance of Victoria park, I turned right and decided to make up a route on the go. Not exactly exploring as I was running paths I've pounded plenty of times before but I was adding on different options to make it up to 6 miles.

Just as I was finishing the run the heavens opened, luckily I was literally finishing at the flat door so missed most of it but I did stop to take the photo below before the rain arrived, you can see the storm clouds rolling in!

 After work I headed out for a second run but this time the weather was far worse and I wasn't as lucky. The wind chill was nipping my nose so I stuck with my original plan, out and back up the cycle path and I'm glad I did. When the heavens opened it felt like sleet rather than rain. It was bitter!

I was glad I had all the layer on though because I think it would have been pretty cold for an easy run. I'm still running in my shorts though so it can't be that cold.

I'm off work tomorrow so I'll probably do a 12 mile run rather than trying to get 2 6 mile runs in but we'll see how the day goes. It's all about finding a balance between getting my training runs in and enjoying some time off work and having a lie in, recharging the batteries and maybe even start thinking about my training plan for Stirling marathon! Then again, maybe that can wait until the New Year.

Owain Williams

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