On starters orders.....

Well, this is the first blog I have setup which will be something I will try and keep updated as much as possible.

There are two reasons for the blog, well, two that I can think of just now. The first is to allow me to use my ASP.net programming skills on a more regular basis, not just for work. The second is to post my daily, weekly, monthly progress on my mission to get a qualifying time for Glasgow Commonwealth Games in 2014!

You can have a look at my bio to find out more about me but what you wont find in there is what made me decide to give this huge challange a go.

Hopefully over the coming blogs I can share with you all my thoughts, my high and low moments and maybe in a round about sort of way, give something back to everyone who has given me support.

I've been running since 2008 when I was 18.5 stone (257lbs) and I needed to loose weight, since then I have found that I am actually not that bad at this running thing! In 2008 after I had ran Edinburgh Marathon and raised money for the RNLI, I visited my local running club, Pitreavie AAC, and was welcomed with open arms but was told that I may struggle for the longer distances as my pace was a bit slower than the others. This was my first challange, become faster and not the last one home on a Tuesday or Thursday evening.

Over time I started to progress through the groups, always pushing and always aiming for the top group, the really fast guys and girls. It took me a while but eventually I got there and in the process became the Team Manager for the Pitreavie AAC Road Runners, a role which I have had for the past 2 years.

My pace is much quicker than when I first joined the club but on a national level, I still have some way to go! After the Olympic games it got me thinking, what would it take to get to an Olympics, then I scaled by dreams down a bit, for a bit anyway, then I thought, what would it take to get in to the Commonwealth Games. After a quick search on the interweb I found the qualifying time for the marathon distance for the Scottish Athletics. 2:19:00, two hours and nineteen minutes, that exquates to 5 minutes 18seconds a mile!

At this point you would expect someone to go, that's crazy pace, I will never manage that, but then you haven't met me or if you have, you will know what I said next.....I can do that!

After a chat with my fiancee, a number of emails and phone calls were made, first to find a coach, then to find someone to give me nutritional advice and then a physio. The rest is history, I am now training to get a qualifying time for the Commonwealth Games!


Owain Williams

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