One week on

It's been one week since Loch Ness marathon and training has already started again.

The day after, Monday 1st October, my legs were really tight but not actually as bad as I had expected, so much so that I went to my usual Les Mills BodyPump class. It was good to get along but the squats were hard going! After the class I went on to the treadmill and did a very easy couple of miles just to ease things off a bit. Woke up on Tuesday morning and had to be rolled out of bed! Legs were worse, very difficult to walk or get downstairs.

Tuesday evening I headed over to club and did another 3 miles on the road, this time it really did loosen off the legs. I do swear by it, but sometimes it takes a bit more to get the legs moving again than other times. By Wednesday I was back to 'normal'. Took the day off from running since I hadn't actually taken a day off since the race but did go to CXWorx to work on my core strength and then it finally caught up with me. I slept like a baby!

Got an email from my coach on Wednesday night asking how I was and I mentioned that my legs were feeling better, still a bit tired, but that was to be expected. His reply was something along the lines of - "See you at the track at 7pm tomorrow then".

Thursday night's session was 15 x 200m with 1min recovery between each, I managed to keep the reps pretty steady at 35seconds each rep, finishing on a 32second burst.

Friday was a 5.63 mile run home along the Water of Leith, was a really nice run actually and have a nice avg pace of 6:57min/mi. Happy with that considering the previous nights run.

I was about to say I took Saturday off but that would be a lie! I ended up being wide away at 8am due to a burst pipe outside our bedroom window dripping on to the window sill. Rather than enjoy the weekend and try and get back to sleep, I headed down to a Les Mills RPM (spin class) for 45mins of sweat and pain! Its a tough session but a great workout, really gets the legs turning.

Sunday I did have the day off, I headed out to watch the Bupa Great Edinburgh Run 10k. Went to cheer on a number of fellow Pitreavie AAC runners and also to see Andrew Lemoncello and Freya Murray Ross racing. Great performances put in by both but unfortunately they were both beaten and both finished in 2nd place.

Yesterday, Monday 8th, was back to training again. I've found a local track which I can access at my lunch break which is only a mile away, so I headed out and did my warm up on the way there. Once on the track, which I had to myself, I did 4 x 1 mile at sub 6min/mi pace, with 1 mile recovery, then ran back to work. 8 miles done in total and felt good. Then it was off to the gym for another BodyPump class in the evening.

I really find the BodyPump class is helping me build strength in my legs but also improving my upper body strength.

Today I went out at lunch time and did a very easy paced 4 miles as I have a session with the track squid tonight. Not sure what to expect so my next blog could be interesting :)

So, just over a week since the Loch ness marathon and I am still loving my running and more determined than ever to get a cracking time at London next April. Got a couple of other goals I want to hit before then....more about them later!



Owain Williams

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