P.A.R.T.Why? It was a surprise...

This is sort of a running blog but also a massive thank you to all the members of the Pitreavie AAC Road Runners. 

On Saturday evening I was led to believe I was heading to a surprise party for some friends in Fife. I almost called off because I wasn't feeling 100% due to a couple of nights with poor sleep and just generally being restless but Mandy convinced me to go. Lucky she did because the party was actually a thank you party for the time I spent as the Road Runners Manager. 

It was a fantastic night, completely unexpected but very much appreciated. 

One of the newly appointed team captains, Jane, was an absolute legend. She organised everything and brought the best out of everyone, the buffet was amazing. She knows me well!

It was great to see everyone from the club and catch up with them, I haven't been at the club quite as much lately due to trying to save money. Travelling from Edinburgh every Tuesday and Thursday was drinking the fuel from the car. 

Unfortunately I had planned a long run on the Sunday so I was off the alcohol but still had a fantastic night. 

Some quick thank you's are for:

Jane and Donald for organising everything, it was fantastic and as I said on the night, you really didn't have to, I was just doing my job as team manager. 
To the DJ for some phat beats that allows Gayle and Hayley to sing and dance to. Girls, you have some moves! smiley
To Gayle and Alison for their 'lift' and 'escalator' show behind the counter.
To Mandy for being able to keep it all a secret, I know how difficult that must have been for you. x
and finally, to everyone who came along and made the night so special, you really are the best team anyone could ask for.

I look forward to running with you all over the coming months either at the club or out on the road at races.

I just have one parting word to say - Remember to wear your vests and wear them with pride!


Owain Williams

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