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On Saturday, it was Mandy's birthday and also a friends 50th parkrun. To celebrate we headed to Portobello parkrun, how else would a running couple celebrate a birthday? 

The weather has been pretty bad recently and on Friday evening it was snowing pretty heavy. We weren't sure whether parkrun would be on or not but we set out alarm anyway and then checked social media channels for the course update. 

portobello parkrun status

"We are on", well it looks like we better head along then! 

Mandy and I arrived with about 10 minute to spare so I went out for a run around half of the route to see how the snow and ice were. I decided to wear my trail shoes rather than my normal road shoes and they were the right choice. Icy in patches, slush in other areas but I felt confident with the grip in my Inov8 talons. During the warm up I had my sunglasses on because it was so bright. That would be the only time I would wear them though!

We stood on the line waiting for the countdown and a blizzard hit us. My legs froze, even in my ashmei running tights. I just wanted to get running. 

After what felt like an age, we were off and I put a quick sprint in to get the legs moving but within a short distance I could feel the effects of the Friday evening run home. 
I had missed my half marathon pace session on the Thursday so decided to run as hard as I could from the office to the house, 9 miles in total and with a 4kg rucksack on my back. I was very pleased to clock an average pace of 6:08 minutes / mile. 

During the warm up for parkrun my legs felt fine but they were obviously just teasing me! 

I thought about easing off but then I decided just to focus on running on tired legs and run as best I could. 

3 laps of the park, the first lap wasn't too bad and then on the second lap I caught and passed one of the guys in front of me. The focus was now not to drop a position so I kept on pushing. One more lap and I caught and passed another runner and finished 5th overall in 18:27. Not my fastest parkrun but considering the conditions, I was happy with that. 

portobello parkrun

Thanks to Edinburgh sweatshop for the photo. I didn't even spot a photographer on the course. I must have been focussing on not slipping on my bum! 








Owain Williams

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