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Two weeks in to 2017 and it's been a busy time already. 

The year kicked off with a race on New Year's day down along Portobello promenade, a flat 4 mile race which is open to the elements but fortunately conditions were almost ideal, just a little cold. I made a rookie mistake though, I headed out way too fast and because of this I didn't have the extra gear in the final mile. It was in to the wind and it was tough but against that I still managed a PB. This was a lesson though and this year I'm going to try and pace races better than that. 

The race has a couple of out and back sections so it was good seeing Mandy running well. She looked really strong all the way to the end. 

The past couple of weeks I've found my focus again when it comes to training as well. I've put two 70 mile weeks back to back and I'm feeling good. I've also got my training plan finalised and I plan to follow it 100%. It's 18 weeks until Stirling marathon and it's 18 tough weeks of hard work. Between now and then, I've a couple more trail races and maybe a couple of road races to let me gauge how my training is going. 

I have shaped my training plan so that Saturday's are 4 miles runs which will hopefully mean Mandy and I will get regular runs together. Today was the first of these runs and it saw us head up to The Kelpies. We have driven past these massive works of art so many times on the M9 but never visited them so we combined a visit with a wee run. 

If you look carefully in the photo above, Mandy is the little red dot under the Kelpies nose. 

After the run we headed home and enjoyed a nice lunch together.  Due to other commitments earlier in the week, I needed to get a total of 12 miles in today so I headed out up towards the city centre and then up and around Arthurs Seat.  It was too nice a day not to enjoy the views of the city in the sunshine. 


I'm really excited to see what 2017 has in store for me. This blog is overdue but I'm going to try and blog at least once a week with updates about my training, races and general ramblings and thoughts. 

Owain Williams

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