Remember, rememeber, train hard it's November

It's November and not for much longer either! 

I've now been following the training plans of Hawkins Running for 13 weeks and I honestly feel every week I'm getting fitter and faster. It's brilliant! I'm not saying it has been easy, far from it. There have been sessions where I've almost thrown up on the pavement and other sessions where I've been nowhere near the target pace but I'm getting there. 

13 weeks ago my 5k time was around 19 mins, some way off my Personal Best, but at the weekend, for the first time in a while I was almost sub 18! If I had gone to parkrun, who knows, I might have dipped under 18 mins. Running on my own around an industrial estate which I now call "The Block", I was pretty pleased to clock 18:08. 

This week it feels like the training schedule has taken another jump up in toughness. The sessions seem to be getting slightly longer and the pace slightly faster! I'm not complaining, but, every time I notice the plans going in this direction I get a bit of self doubt in my head. Can I run this pace that has been set for me? If I can run the pace, can I run the pace for the duration of the reps?

One thing is for sure, I will give it my all to hit the pace. I'll setup my Garmin to beep at me if I'm running too slow and also beep at me if I am going too fast. Too fast is fine as long as it doesn't ruin the other reps, which it usually does! I will try to stay within target range.

So three sets of speedwork, some recovery runs and a long run on Sunday. That's the plan this week. 

On Sunday, I'm hoping to make it out to Carron Valley for some hilly miles on some great trails. 13 miles of trails sounds like my kind of fun. 

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I headed up the Pentlands a couple of weeks ago with a group of friends and it almost killed me! I'm not used to running straight up to the highest peak of the Pentlands! I like a bit of a warm up. The route was amazing though and I ran some trails I didn't even know existed. That's what I love about the Pentlands, so many options! 

I've also been down in London for a couple of days. I took my running stuff and headed out along the Regent's Canal. Hitting the canal paths at 6am was brilliant. Not many people around and 10 miles of flattish running, I probably should of had my headtorch though, it's dark at 6am!

I ran from Shoreditch, past Victoria Park and out towards the Thames, however, on my way back I missed my turn off and ended up adding an extra 1/2 mile on to my run! Oops! 

I do like exploring cities with my trainers - you get to see places you might not normally see, especially when you get lost!! 

Owain Williams

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