Rethinking my training - again!

It all started with a tweet asking if recovery should be walk or a jog after a 1 mile rep at 6 minute pace.

In the end the conversation went from talking about speed work to simply ploughing the miles in to my legs.

Only a couple of days ago I had found a training schedule I was going to follow in the hope of getting a 2:50 marathon by the end of the year up in Elgin. The first weeks plan I posted in a previous blog and it had a mix of long slow runs and speed work.

Before I knew it the tweet had turned in to a full blown discussion between me and some of Scotland's best endurance runners, the fact was that my training over the past few months has lacked in consistent miles and steady runs. Being able to do 1 mile in 5:20 is no good to anyone if I can't go for another 12 or 25 miles at that pace.

The conversation continued and I asked what training plan they tend to follow, it was simple, nothing special, 10 steady miles Monday to Friday, a race on Saturday or 10 miles steady and then a progression run on Sunday. A good article about progression runs can be found on McMillan Running

Now, obviously going from low miles and then punting out in the region of 80 miles in a week is asking for trouble so I'm building up to the 80 mark and I reckon at the peak I could well be nearer 90 miles.

This week I've managed a 9 mile run (Tuesday), 12 mile run, (yesterday) and 8 miles today at lunch time. I've still another 2 miles to do when at the gym tonight so that will tick off another 10 for the day, 29 miles in the last 3 days. This is probably the same as my total weekly mileage for the past couple of weeks!

Tomorrow I will look at 6 at lunch time and I plan on getting 10 in on Saturday.

That will bring my weekly miles to 45 as I doubt I will get out on Sunday due to a hangover! Got my stagdoo on Saturday night.

Tuesday and Wednesday's runs were at 7:30 min/mi pace and it was a struggle. It's really hard to run at that steady pace, I kept on wanting to run faster and today I just couldn't hold back and ran at an average of 7:02 /mi

It was a really nice run up the water of Leith, except for the kamikaze flies! Think I swallowed way too many of them for my liking.

A week on Sunday I will head to Harrison Park and the plan is to start of slow and gradually pick up the pace over the 16 mile route. This will hopefully teach me how to negative split a race, something I am not very good at doing. It will be interesting to see how my legs are feeling as I have entered the Livingston 10k on the Saturday. Never ran this race but the route looks similar to the National road relay course which is undulating.

I will keep my gym sessions in, this is to focus on core strength rather than running / treadmill session and by keeping the miles high I hope to naturally get faster during my steady runs. I will be monitoring my heart rate over the different paces to see if the effort is still classed as easy although the pace has increased.

It has been a confusing couple of months, changing from one plan to another but I think this one could work for me, its easy to follow, 10 miles a day.


Owain Williams

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