Rubbish at being injured!

Tomorrow is the 5th race of the Foxtrail Winter series. It's the big one. 13.1 miles of trail which I'm honestly really excited about, however, I am also a tad nervous. It's not the distance that I'm worried about. It's whether my leg is going to allow me to race it. 

On Tuesday evening, I went to my usual track training session and within 10 minutes of the session starting I had to stop. I twinged the hamstring in my right leg. I've not ran since. I'm hoping that the rest will have allowed this to heal.

After speaking with my coach and a couple of others, I think it's because I've been running slightly differently due to my twisted ankle, which happened at the last Foxtrail race. I twisted my left ankle and it's my right leg which has the twinged hamstring. Bloomin typical! 

The race sounds really good though. 13.1 miles of trail with a mix of beach running, dunes, grass, mud and a river crossing which could be ankle deep or thigh deep! Sounds like my sort of race. 

All this week I've been a miserable sod to live with. Last night I was so pathetic, stressing about nothing and everything. Sitting on the sofa watching TV just wanting to hide and shut the world out. Really!?

I had a word with myself when I woke up this morning. It's only a small injury, others have had a lot worse! I can afford to miss this race and still be in with a shot of getting a top 3 position overall in the Winter Series. I also need to think about the bigger picture. Stirling Marathon. But I would like to be able to say I ran all the races in the series but if I do myself real damage just now, I could be out long term.

Reading about hamstring injuries online, it's not an injury you want to ignore or mess about with. 

Tonight will be the decider. I'll go out and do an easy couple of miles to see how it feels and make the call from there. Fingers crossed for me! 

Owain Williams

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