Run because you want to, not because you have to.

Happy New Year!! 

It's been a while since I've taken to the keyboard and typed a blog, well over a month! I started the last blog saying I've not blogged much and here I am again, saying the same thing. I've just not been in the right mindset for it. It's not like I don't have things to say, it's just sitting down, making time to write a blog hasn't been high up on my priorities. Instead of sitting at the computer, I've taken to pen and paper!

I've been writing my daily activities in a lovely diary that Mandy bought me for my Christmas. Each day I write down how I am feeling, what training I've done and basically lay everything out on the page. 

So, what have I been up to? 

I had a really good start to the New Year, got a good week of training. Hit 63 miles for the week and I started last week with the same aim. Everything was going to plan until Thursday. I woke up and didn't feel 100%. Mandy had been ill for the past week, off work since Monday with the flu and I guess I should have known I'd not dodge it completely. I went for a sports massage on Thursday evening, came home, had dinner and went to bed feeling rubbish. 

I woke up on Friday morning and my body felt like it had been hit by a bus. There was no way I was heading out for a run and so it's been like that each day since. No running on Friday or Saturday and I was hoping to get a run along the John Muir way on Sunday but it wasn't to be! 

I've ran a couple of easy 4 milers since Sunday but I'm just taking it a day at a time. 


Because I haven't been running much, I've been looking at my running photos from the past year or so and publishing them on my Instagram feed (@scottishrunner). It has been really nice actually, looking back at some of the places Mandy and I have visited when running. I'm really excited to see what adventures we are going to have this year. We are already signed up to some races that we've never done before. The first is at the end of this month, the Cross Border 10k. Each year, runners run 10k across the Scotland / England border and depending on the year, you either run South to North or North to South. This year it's South to North. 

We're looking forward to this fun race. I better remember to pack my passport though to make sure I get back in to Scotland. :) 

The other race we have entered for the first time is the John Muir way ultra marathon, which is organised by Foxtrail Scotland, those wonderful people who put on the winter trail series. I'm running the full 50k while Mandy is doing the first 15 miles as part of a relay team. We volunteered last year and we manned one of the food stations and straight away I knew I wanted to run this race. I can't wait! 


Owain Williams

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