Run like a mad man!

What a run I had yesterday.

The day after a track session is usually a slow day. 

The morning run in to work was slow. 

Steady 7 miles in to the office. 

I stopped a couple of times to get some photos. It was a lovely morning to run in to work, even if my legs didn't like me. 


I left the house a bit later than normal and so I didn't need my headtorch, it meant I could run up along the water of leith. My usual route during the lighter mornings. 

Water of Leith to work

The run to work was nice.
The second run of the day was my usual run home back along the cycle path.

The issue I had though was I left the office late, later than I had planned and I needed to be home by 6:30pm. There was only one option, run hard all the way home. 

I usually stop my watch whenever I get to traffic lights but last night I decided just leave it running and see what my average pace was for the entire run. This however wasn't such a great idea. I was crossing roads when I probably shouldn't have, I was also chasing the pace way too much.

This should have been a second easy run back home but instead I was nipping along at a pace way faster than normal or that was any good for me. I really was surprised that I was running at the pace I was, my breathing felt OK but my legs were really hating it. I just kept on pushing though.


Today's run in to work was a better pace, slower and not as crazy! No second run for me today either so hopefully I can have some recovery now. Tuesday's track session was intense but I'm feeling stronger ever week. I'm already looking forward to seeing what might happen next season on the road. 


Owain Williams

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