Run, Run, Run.

I've been neglecting the blog for a while now and the main reason is a poor one. When not running, due to injury or any other reason, I don't feel like blogging. It's probably the exact time I should blog, get my frustrations out and just put it out there. 

Over the past month I've started running again. Getting back to training and getting out at the weekends more. 

Hitting the trails

After successfully applying to join the #mapsfortrailrunners project, which has been setup my TrailFest and Harvey Maps, I met all the other runners over at Dumcoyne where we went for a 10k trail run. Exploring the local trails and seeing what was good about the maps we were using, what was bad and what could be improved. All this info was then fed back to Harvey Maps who we will be working with to develop maps suitable for trail runners. I'll be blogging about this more over the coming months.

Mandy and I have also been adventuring out along new routes the past month. We headed to Calendar and ran a lovely, hilly, 10k route (plus the run to and from the start point) and then the following day ran around North Third reservoir near Bannockburn. 

It's great exploring new places and getting out running together. 

Foxtrail Winter Series

The Foxtrail Winter Series has kicked off again and we are 2 races in. My plan to try and defend the series title was quickly put to the back of my mind after my fall in Lanzarote. I took on the first race and ran hard but my fast legs weren't available that day and I finished 9th. The second race was the night time 10k which I loved and after a couple of weeks of solid training leg faster legs appeared but still not fast enough, I finished 4th. The race was amazing though and the community feel of the events has even seen Mandy step up to the full series this year rather than just doing the 5k races. I'm sure she will blog about that in due course though. 

I can't wait to take on the rest of the races and also the John Muir Way Ultra at the end of March. 

Cross Country Season

I also kicked off the cross country season, a couple of races later than planned, in Alloa the other week. What a mudfest that was! I think I need to do more hill work as some of the climbs really took it out of my legs. Maybe it's just the lack of training while my toe was bust but the following day my legs felt like lead! I did have a good race on the 3rd and final lap with another runner though. I was chasing him all the way to the line and just managed to squeeze past. Amazing how even when you think you have nothing left to give the body has a little bit extra to give. 


Owain Williams

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