Running date

I was planning on taking a day off from running yesterday, not due to lack of motivation but a lack of energy! 

Wednesday evenings are tough because I run into work and home again which is a 14 mile round trip but then at 8pm I go to swimming lessons. I have mentioned it in previous blogs but last night was really tough. The instructor told Mandy and I that we needed to work on our endurance so that we can front crawl for longer.

This was fine but the class doesn't finish until 9 and by the time we got home it was close to 10. Long story short, I was shattered in the morning. 

I bussed it into work yesterday, which wasn't too bad since I got a later bus in to work and then during the day, Mandy and I were emailing each other and she said she was going to go for a run when she got home. I fancied a run but didn't fancy running home with a heavy rucksack as per usual. 

The date run was organised. 

Time for us together, away from computers, mobile phones (except for use as a camera!) and distractions. Time for us to be together enjoying some fresh air. 

Well, that was the plan. I got on the bus to head home and got a text from Mandy saying did I fancy going out for a meal in town instead. It didn't take much to persuade me, I jumped off the bus and got on another one bound for the city centre. It was a really nice evening and if you are ever looking for a great burger, I highly recommend the Rob Roy Burger from the Auld Hundred on Rose Street. It was massive!

This morning I decided I would run to work and I clipped in at 7min/mi pace over the 7.70 mile run which was a great surprise since it's uphill and in to the wind. I just felt really light on my feet and comfortable. Will see how the run home goes. I obviously needed the day off yesterday.



I ran in my ashmei gilet and jersey while listening to the Wicked soundtrack - don't ask! I thought I might have been a bit cold but once I got going I was fine. I did have my gloves on though! Must have looked a bit strange, woolie hat, gloves, tshirt and shorts! 


Owain Williams

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