Running somewhere different

The last couple of weeks I've been away from any sort of reliable connection that I could call the Internet. It's been bliss! I've had enough connection to keep my instagram account up to date but that's about it.

I was in Albufeira for a week and it was amazing. If you have never been, I would highly recommend it. Mandy and I stayed in the old town and it was the perfect get away. I packed my running kit and managed to get a 4 mile run every day before breakfast and it was the perfect start to each day. I tried to get out before 8:30am simply because any later and you could feel the sun slowly baking you! It was warm, I think every day hit 32C or warmer so 4 miles was about as much as I could handle but they were great runs.

I headed out and explored each day and what I found were some amazing trails. I took so much video footage during the week that it's going to take me a while to edit it in to a short video but I'll get it done soon, I promise!

Once back, I tried to get back in to training as best I could before heading up to Pitlochry on Sunday for the 10k. I love this race, it's not fast but it's through some amazing scenery. I had an OK race. I picked up a couple of places during the race and finished 6th / 421 in 36:49 which is over a minute faster than I've ran the course before so I'm happy with that. I did suffer from tired arms again for the first mile, I'm not sure what causes it but I've decided it's time to get back to the swimming pool and try and work on my upper body strength. I went this morning for the first time and did 500 metres which might not sound much but it's a start! 


Yesterday Mandy and I pulled on our running stuff and went for a nice relaxing run back through the trails and forest in the Pitlochry area. We traced some of the route that Mandy ran during her 5k and I'm super impressed that Mandy got such a great time on what I would call a challanging trail run! She had steep ascents and even steeper descents, she even had a flight of stairs to tackle. I was a wee bit jealous of their route but I'm not sure how I would feel trying to race the course. 

What's in store for the Autumn / Winter?

It's crazy to think I'm already thinking about my winter racing season but with entries opening for some great races I've had to make some decisions. The biggest has been whether to run the east district and national cross country races this year. I already knew I was going to miss some of the races due to other commitments but some other races opened up which clashed with the XC season as well. I love cross country but I've decided to only do a couple of them and head out racing in other locations. My race diary is looking pretty busy!

  • 1 October : Tweed valley 20k trail race
  • 8 October : Livingston East District XC
  • 16 October : Aviemore half marathon
  • 30 October : Antonine trail race (roughly 14 miles)
  • 5 November: Foxtrail 13k trail
  • 6 November CRUK Tough 10k
  • 12 November : Glen Clova half marathon
  • 19 November : Alloa XC
  • 25 November : Foxtrail 10k night run
  • 17 December: Foxtrail 16k trail run

It's the most racing I've done all year and I don't expect to be in top shape for all or any of them, it's about enjoying the race. All of the races are races I've either done in the past and look forward to doing again or something a bit different and new. I'm really looking forward to the Foxtrail series of races which is a 6 race series ranging from 5k to half marathon distance and they are trail runs. Looking at the photos from previous years, there may even be some beach running thrown in! 

The only race in that list that is 100% road is Glen Clova. 

For the first time in a long time I'll be running one of these races for charity, Cancer Research UK to be exact. It's a charity close to my heart and unfortunately my family has had it's fair share of run-ins with cancer. If you could spare a couple of quid I'd really appreciate it.  

JustGiving - Sponsor me now! 

So the next month or 2 I'll be running some new races in new locations and running some old favourites like Aviemore and Glen Clova. If you see me at any of the races, please come and say hi. 

Owain Williams

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