Saughton & Meadows

Amsterdam is now behind me and a week since going back to Saughton with the team (Tuesday) followed by my first meadows session in a lot of months, it feels great to be back.

Saughton and the Meadows sessions were tough, they always are!

Saughton track

Started with a mile warm up and it was needed! It was cold and wet. It was also my first run in the new Edinburgh Athletic Club running jackets from Moremile. It fits really well and kept me nice and dry when it was chucking it down. Probably is more a shower jacket rather than a waterproof jacket but it did the job well.

After the warm up it is time for strides and drills, heel kicks, high knees etc. and then we started  the session.

4 laps of fast bends easy straights
First catches last (about 6 mins)
1 x acceleration mile...each lap getting 5 seconds faster
400m - flat out
1 x acceleration mile
First catches last (about 6 mins)
4 laps of fast bends easy straights


The only problem was that I blew up on the first section! I hit the bends fast and faded even quicker. I think I got a bit over excited about being back on the track and training with the squad. 

The rest of the squad were happy to see me blow up though since they were struggling to keep up! I started in lane 1 and the fastest runners were out in lane 5 to handicap them. They were having to work hard to keep with me but the tables soon turned and they were still in lane 5 and I was wishing there was a lane -5! 

The rest of the session I took a bit easier and it was survival rather than anything else. I did run the session without a watch though and it was good just running to how I feel and not worrying about the pace on the watch. 

Meadows session

The meadows session is a good one to get to as well but my legs were still suffering from Tuesday's efforts! 

I arrived early and got a mile warm up done, before the official mile warm up. I just wanted to loosen off my legs a bit. Just a slow jog around the perimeter of the meadows. If you are ever in Edinburgh, the meadows is a scaled down version of what I imagine Central park to be like in New York. On any evening you will find lots of runners doing laps around and around and around the park.

Last Thursday there were about 40 runners just from Edinburgh AC. We meet at the pavillion at 7pm for Coach Alex and Coach Garry to tell us what they have in store for us!

Thursday was 1 mile warm up followed by 5, 2 minute hard efforts, paced by the front runner which we would take in turns, then 3, 2 min efforts at all out pace, no pacer just every person for themselves. Between each effort it was 2 mins recovery for the group to gather back together and get ready for the next set. 

I stepped down a couple of groups and went with what I thought would be a slower group. I was wrong, they were motoring! Even the recorery pace was fast at times! 

I was glad for a rest on Friday and I even took a rest for the entire weekend.

The week ahead

This week I have already got in a nice run on Monday. I have started a new job as a Systems Developer and the office is about a mile away from my old place of work, which is good because it means I can still use my routes that I have around the area. I ran home yesterday and from door to door it is 7.7 miles which is ideal. 

I took it nice and easy and clocked an average pace of 7:20 min/mi. My Garmin is still away getting repaired so I am having to use my mobile phone with the Strava App. which works well but I can't see the screen while running. Maybe it's for the best, it means I run to how I feel and only find out my pace once I get home, rather than thinking I should be running faster / slower. 

Tonight is the usual Tuesday session at Saughton. Usually about 10k worth of efforts so we will see what is in store for us later! 

I'm really enjoying being back running again and I'm already focused on 2015 targets but in the short term, I just want to get my fitness back and some pace back in my legs. It's probably the biggest down side to marathon training that I have found, you tend to loose the pace for the shorter stuff because you are focused on the long runs more. 

A couple more weeks of track and meadows sessions should get my legs moving nice and quickly again!


Owain Williams

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