Scurry to the Sea recce

Hi everyone! 

It's been a long while since I put time aside for writing a blog and I've sort of missed it. I've decided to try something new. I am going to set aside 30 mins each Sunday evening and just type the first things that come in to my head. Some blogs will be race reports, some will be just me rambling on about my training from the previous week. 

I've gotten out of the way of blogging for one simple reason, I tend to mini blog each day on Instragram (@scottishrunner) but I know not everyone is on Instagram. 

I can also write more stuff on here than what might suit an Instagram post. 

This past week has been a mixed bag for me. I was injured for a week due to tweaking my hamstring during some speedwork so took it a bit easy towards the start of the week. Then I did a couple of easy runs and things felt fine and then I finished the week off with a recce of the Scurry to the Sea race route today. 

I'm racing the Scurry race next weekend and I'm really looking forward to it. We start racing at Hillend Ski Centre at the foot of the Pentland Hills just on the outskirts of Edinburgh. Once the race starts it's straight up hill for 1 mile to the top of Allermuir hill. Once you are there the rest of the race is downhill, all the way down to Musselburgh which is just under 12 miles away. 

There is no official route as you have to make your own way but there are 3 mandatory check points that you need to get to. The first, the top of Allermuir, the second is at the entrance to The Hermitage and the third is in an Industrial estate about 4 miles from the finish. 

Today's run was with 5 others that are all part of the Foxy Trail Runners community page on Facebook. We started at 9am and made our way along the route on a glorious day. Great to have company and great to recce the route prior to next weekend. 

After that I'll be focusing my training on racing Carlisle Half marathon. 

I was meant to be running Manchester Half Marathon, however, it clashes with a Foxy Trail Run. I was then going to run Amsterdam Half Marathon but Mandy can't get the time off work so Carlisle it is. I may also sign up to the Scottish Half a couple of weeks after Carlisle. I'll need to speak with my coach to see what he thinks. 

So there you have it, a short recap of what's been going on with me. I'd love to read some comments below of things you'd like me to blog about or if you have answer questions about my training etc, feel free to ask. 

Hopefully I'll post another quick update next Sunday, until then, safe running! 

P.S If you want a copy of the GPX route for the Scurry - you can download it from here

Owain Williams

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