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It seems I am starting all my blogs with "It's been a while since I blogged" and it is true, I'm not getting time to blog as much as I would like. Life is busy, trying to sell a house, buy a car, train hard, race harder, enjoy life and generally keeping myself busy away from here, which isn't great!

I really enjoy sharing my thoughts, my training and general ramblings on here, it's a way of just off loading my thoughts to the world, even if no-one actually reads the blogs. Which I suppose seems crazy in a way. Why spend time writing a blog if no-one ever reads it? The same could be said about a diary I guess and my thought behind it is, I can look back in a years time and see what was working, what wasn't and look at making improvements in my life and training. 

What has happened since the last blog?


Well, I applied to be a brand pimp or Ashmei ambassador to give it's official title. Ashmei is a clothing company who pride themselves on being "the finest ultimate performance sportswear in the world". Check out their website to see what they make. I've been an admirer of their products ever since I saw an advert in a running magazine years ago. I think they have a unique style about their clothing and it's just a bit different from the rest. 
The initial stage was to apply to be an ambassador, which I did via their facebook page and to my surprise I recieved an email saying I had made the shortlist. The individuals who made the shortlist were then invited down to Ashmei HQ in Herts for a 'meet the team' event which unfortunately I couldn't attend. I was gutted to say the least, but that didn't knock me out of the race, I was then asked to make a 1 minute video about me, my achievements in running and my goals. 

I like a challange and so put pen to paper and drafted a quick idea down, next I pulled on my running shoes and went out with my video camera. A couple of hours later the video was put together and the final cut is here: 

Unfortunately I didn't make it to the final 4 but it was a great experience and I think I might start taking the camera out with me more often. It was a fun challange cutting the video down to a minute, which was a requirement of the process. 

If nothing else, it's made me realise I would really like to be a brand pimp for a running related company. I've always been a brand ambassador but usually it's been for my own branding. Originally for and I setup a team of riders around Scotland, now it's this site and I've had interest in my tshirts but there would be something amazing about being chosen to represent a brand that I hadn't created. 

Long runs

I've been running a lot of miles recently. Most weeks have been averaging over 50 miles with a long run on Sunday. The Sunday run has been getting longer since the end of January, each week adding a mile or two and this Sunday will be my longest yet with a planned 22 miles. Everything seems to be going to plan with regards to the training for Edinburgh marathon. This is the first year that I have done so many long runs and I plan on getting a couple more in to make sure my legs are up to the task. 

The last two weekends have been 20 milers and the next day I have been feeling fine, no sore legs but the Tuesday speed session is always interesting! 

The only niggle I have just now is a bit of pain in my left leg but I think it's just part and parcel of the training, hopefully once the taper kicks in everything will sort itself out! It is just a niggle, may get it checked out by the physio if it's still there in a couple of weeks!

Fun on the run

I've been running home from the office for some of my week day runs and I've had a couple of funny moments. One was about 2 miles in to my run and I spotted a group of girls up ahead. I always get a bit nervous about running past a group, you never know what to expect, I have to admit that some of the areas I run through to get home aren't the best. 
As expected, one of the girls started to run beside me, breathing pretty heavy from the start. I turned around and asked if she was going to run all the way with me, I mentioned I only had another 7 miles to go. A blank look on her face, she asked, "How far is that?", when I said it was just down to Leith, her choice of language was direct - "F**K that!!" at which point she stopped running and went back to her friends who were behind us. It made by run home a bit more enjoyable, gave me a laugh if nothing else. I don't think anything about pulling on my shoes and running 7 miles home, in some ways, if it's not over 3 miles I find it hard to look forward to it. 

The second laugh I had was today, again a group of kids, but this time it was 3 young boys crossing the road infront of me. 2 of the boys ran across the road and the 3rd boy shouted, "Don't run across the road!", the other two asked why, and the 3rd boy replied, "Because it's basically illegal!". He has obvously been told not to run across the road but to be told that it was basically illegal is priceless.

Edinburgh marathon

With 9 weeks to go I'm still unsure what time to aim for, I have 3 times in my head. 

Worst case scenario: 2:59:00 6:49 minute/mile
Best case scenario 2:49:59 6:28 minute/mile

and then something between the two. I'm signed up to the Edinburgh to North Berwich 20 mile race in a couple of weeks and I plan on giving the best case scenario pace a go, see how it feels for 20 miles and whether I think I could hold it for another 6 miles.

Watch this space!  

Owain Williams

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