Should I run on Christmas day?

Earlier tonight I put a shout out on Twitter.

 And I had loads of great suggestions, some of them will feature in upcoming blogs but tonight's winner is from @katierun

To run on Christmas day, or not?

It's a time to be with the family and loved ones. It's a time to enjoy time together, a time to relax and for me and Mandy, a time to get a run in together! I'd say absolutely go for a run on Christmas day. There are many parkruns putting on special Christmas day events so if you can, why not head along to one and celebrate a Christmas run with all the other parkrunners.

Mandy and I may or may not head to parkrun but one thing is for sure, we will get a run in together. Whether it's a run along the cycle path or just around the local park, we'll pull on our trainers and get some miles in.

Some people might feel guilty about going for a run on Christmas day but I say, don't! With everything that goes on on Christmas day, it's a chance to relax, forget about everything for 30mins or so and get your head sorted for what may unfold as the turkey burns, the Roasters are under done  and someone forgets to put the Brussels in to cook!

Pull on your trainers and head out! You know you want too!

Owain Williams

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