Smiles and waves

The past week has been really enjoyable. Running in the sunshine, getting the highest mileage I have in a while - a total of 58.2 miles over 6 runs and just generally enjoying my running.

I think the sunshine is helping things but also heading out along new routes has made the difference.

I was contacted via twitter by the Scottish Running Guide, which is a free running magazine which is published in a lot of Scottish running shops and gyms. They asked me to submit a running route which others could follow. I suppose in some ways, this is people "Running Beside Me" just at a different moment in time. 

I've got a number of routes I could have used but I fancied the challenge of mapping out a new route which I hadn't ran before. The only requirement was that it was between 3 and 7 miles in distance. I added the extra requirement that it should be accessible by all without the need to worry about parking. This gave me a starting location of Ocean Terminal down at Leith, plenty of car parking, cycle racks and also accessible by the popular 22 Lothian bus. Perfect! 

The route was mapped at approx 4.5 miles and since it was such a nice day on Saturday, Mandy and I headed out at a nice comfortable pace for an afternoon of running, taking photos for the article and just enjoying being out in the sunshine. 

I'll post a copy of the route after it's been published in the Scottish Running Guide. 

Craiglockhart Sunday run

The past couple of months Sunday morning's have been all about getting up and driving to Craiglockhart Sports centre for a 9am start to head up the Water of Leith in to the Pentland hills for the 16 mile Sunday run but recently I've been arriving early to get the run up to 20 miles in preparation for Edinburgh marathon. It's been brilliant getting consistent long runs in with others, so many times in previous years when training for a marathon, the Sunday run can be a slog and motivation can be low when trying to get up and out on a windy, rainy day. 

I know some people prefer training on their own and I still think there is a time when going for a run on your own is still good. The long runs just feel much easier when running with others and I've really enjoyed it. We tend to try and see how many waves and "Good Morning"s we can get from fellow runners and walkers along the route. Sometimes we get brilliant replies such as the lady who ran down the line of us with one long consistent "Good Mooorrrnnnniiiinnnnggggg!!" which made me laugh, others are obviously either too tired to give a shout back or just don't hear us due to the volume of their music in their headphones. 

It's a really sociable group and I'll be interested to see how busy the route is after Edinburgh marathon and I have a feeling many of the randoms we meet along the paths may vanish. 

This weekend will be the peak of my long runs, 24 miles planned and it will be on a Saturday rather than the usual Sunday due to me volunteering to help out at the BUPA Great 10 mile run. If you are running this race. Good luck and I'll give you all a clap and a shout as you pass. 

Blog more!

I had a comment on a previous blog post saying I should really try and blog more and it's a valid point. How do I expect people to interact with the website when I don't interact with the readers. There is now a facebook page setup and I posted last night saying I am going to try and blog once a week. That is now my promise to you and even if it's just a short message, I will try to post something! 

Owain Williams

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