So tired, so very tired.

What a week that was! 
On Saturday, Mandy and I helped out at the BUPA Great winter run. We were marshaling the junior 2.5k race and also the 5k. It was great seeing the juniors taking on the 2.5k with gusto! They don't know anything about pacing a race, they just go all out! It's brilliant to watch. Not only that but some of the juniors who run for clubs looked brilliant in their oversized vests which look more like dresses for some. 

After we had finished marshaling we went to watch the ladies and men take on the Cross Country course. I still went out and ran 5 miles in the evening. Jantastic really makes you get out and run, even when you can't be bothered!

Sunday was the usual long run with the Craiglockhart Sunday run group ( A good run with a fast pace which wasn't planned!

Monday was an easy 4 mile run and then Tuesday arrived. The previous Tuesday was track work at Saughton and there was no change this week. The only difference was that my aim was to do 5 reps instead of 4. 

After a good warm up and the usual drills that the squad do prior to the session (Butt kicks, High knees, Straight legs, High skips, Strides) we were all told what was expected. Those that managed 6 last week should aim to do the reps 5 seconds faster than the previous week, I was to aim for 5 at the same pace.

5.55 (slower), 5.49 (faster), 5.46, 5.45, 5.44min/mi pace. 5 reps done. Then I had the choice, go home or go for one more. I decided to do one more and I'm so glad I did as it came in at 5.42! Consistently faster on each rep.

Wednesday was meant to be a slow run of 4 miles, the only issue was I measured the route wrong and ended up doing 6! Could have done without the last 2 miles but never mind.

Thursday was 5, 1.22mi reps at the meadows, not surprisingly, my legs were pretty tired and the reps were slower than on the track. 5.52 was my fastest rep and I got slower after each, finishing on a 5.57 avg pace for the last rep. I was glad when Friday arrived. Friday is rest day!

Saturday was a visit to Edinburgh parkrun and the first outing of the new vest. Running in Edinburgh AC colours! Thanks Gordon for the photo! Think I need to lose some weight!!

I finished 16/560 in 18:34. Roughly a minute off my PB but I'm happy with that time considering how tired my legs felt after all the other sessions of the previous week. Today was the Craiglockhart Sunday run and we took on the 12 mile route at 7:06 avg pace. I also did an easy 1 mile warm up prior to the start of the run. It felt comfortable, chatting the whole way round.

Tomorrow is the start of another week and no doubt I will be looking forward to Friday before you know it! 


Owain Williams

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