Sometimes I surprise myself!

This is a very quick blog tonight as it's late and I'm shattered and just want to go to bed.

Tuesday, as most of you will know, is track training night. I head to the track with the rest of the Edinburgh AC Endurance squad and we run around and around the track and usually cover 10 miles all in. That includes a warm up, drills, the actual session and then the cool down.

The weather was perfect tonight, not a breath of wind on the track and dry. Not too cold either.

We started with 2 reps of 400 metres. I thought this might be at tempo pace but nope, it was as hard as we could run them!

Next it was an 800 metre rep, again, as hard as we could run it.

Next it was another 2 reps of 800 metres but this time, going a bit slower on the first 400 but then accelerating to full speed on the second 400. The aim was to hit the same time as the first full effort 800 and I'm pleased to say I managed it, twice!

Then the fun really started. 1600 metre reps, 4 of them, the first was 4 equally paced laps of the track but as fast as we could, then the next two reps were acceleration laps again, starting slower and taking 5 seconds or so a lap off the time each lap. It was tough! The first lap felt like a recovery lap but by the last 400 it was full out, basically a 400 metre rep.

The final rep of the night was again, 4 equally paced laps and I honestly thought I was going to finish around 6 minutes, my legs were totally gone but to cross the line in 5:35 I was over the moon with. 


Reps (and times)

2 x 400 (1:13, 1:15)
1 x 800 (2:36)
2 x 800 acceleration runs (2:36, 2:36)
1 x 1600 (5:30)
2 x 1600 acceleration runs (5:36, 5:36)
1 x 1600 (5:35)

It's such a good squad on a Tuesday night. Everyone is there to train hard but at the same time, everyone encourages each other which just makes you want to push even harder.

The sessions Garry puts together are tough but they get us the PB's we are all chasing but on some of the reps tonight I thought I was the one being chased by 'The Beast'


 Winter miles = Summer smiles.

Owain Williams

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