Striling marathon only 12 weeks to go!

83 days to go until Stirling marathon which is roughly 12 weeks, which also means only 12 rest days until the big day - roughly and all going well. 

This week I'm more positive. I'm back on to the scheduled training and I've also got the final Foxtrail race this weekend. My plan is 64 miles this week. I'm sticking with my easy running for all runs apart from Track Tuesday, Marathon paced runs (Thursdays) and my long run on a Sunday.  Everything else is going to be heart rate runs of 129 bpm or lower. 

Kicking off the week

This morning I headed out for a 6 mile run and tonight will also be another 6 miles. This week I'm missing the track session and instead doing my marathon paced session, this is to allow me time to recover before the 13k trail race on Saturday.

Monday: 12 miles split over 2 runs. 
Tuesday: 4,3,2 session - 4 miles at marathon pace, 4 mins jog recovery, 3 miles at marathon pace, 3 mins jog recovery, 2 miles at marathon pace, 2 mins jog recovery.
Wednesday: 6 easy miles
Thursday: 6 easy miles
Friday: rest
Saturday: Foxtrail race
Sunday: 20 miles. 

Foxtrail 13k

I'm hoping for good weather on Saturday, although the forecast just now is looking windy. I fancy trying to set a new course record. It's doable with good conditions. 

In November, at the first race, the wind was pretty tough in places and it slowed the pace. I probably also went off a bit hard and struggled towards the end. 

The course record is 48.54 for the 8.2 mile course which works out at 5.57 average pace. 6:03 was my average when I first ran it. With a bit of taper, favourable conditions and a more sensible approach to the race, let's see what is possible. 

Morning runs

With morning runs now being dictated by my heart rate, I'm really enjoying them. Everything just feels that little bit easier and enjoyable. I'm running along at about 8:30 min/mi pace and I can really take in my surroundings. I went to a great workshop last week hosted by Run and Become. It was all about meditation and running. I do find running really therapeutic and something that really hit a note with me was this, have you ever went for a run and before you know it, you've clicked up a number of miles without realising? I sure have and that's when you are in the zone. Just enjoying the run, no thinking, no stress, meditating without realising it.


Funnily enough though, since I've been to the workshop I've ended up thinking about my breathing so much that I'm not zoning out. I'm sure it'll come when I least expect it.


Tonight is another easy 6 miles and for once I'm actually looking forward to it. Still no idea what route I'll run but maybe I'll just make it up as I go!

Have a great week everyone! 

Owain Williams

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