Sunshine and Sweat!

The sun is shining and training is back on track. Actually, when I say it's back on track, I mean it's started again. 
I've put a training plan together which was taken from a couple of different websites and adapted and I'm planning on sitting down with my coach next week to fine tune it. In the meantime, I ran 8 miles on Saturday, 12 miles on Sunday, 5.5 miles recovery on Monday and then a tough session last night on the track. 
If you follow me on twitter (@scottishrunner) you will have spotted the session that we had last night.

  • 2 x 10 min at tempo pace, with approx 3:30 recovery
  • 4 x 800m hard effort, with approx 2:00 recovery
  • 4 x 400m hard effort, with approx 1:30 recovery
  • 4 x 200m hard effort, with approx 0:30 recovery

The rain stayed away but it was still a warm night. I really need to remember to take a water bottle with me in future.

I was a bit disappointed with my pace for the evening, the tempo run was slower than I can usually do and the same can be said for all the other reps but it will come back - it better!

Tonight is a medium long run of 11 miles home from the office, no pace in mind, just get the legs moving and see how it goes. By the end of the week I will finish at about 54 miles and this will be the lowest mileage for the next 17 weeks. The only way is up from here (unless any major changes get made to my plan after the chat). 

The differences with this plan compared with the plan I used for Edinburgh is a longer mid week run as well as the Sunday long run. 
The general format of the plan is: 

  • Monday - recovery run
  • Tuesday - speed work on the track 
  • Wednesday - medium long run (11 - 15 miles)
  • Thursday - medium long run with some threshold pace (9 - 12 miles)
  • Friday - recovery run
  • Saturday - rest
  • Sunday - Long run (15 - 22 miles)

Target marathon pace is 6:45 minutes per mile. 

I'm hoping the sun stays around for a bit longer, it's hot but hey, I'd prefer to be running in shorts and vest any day, sweating after a mile compared with 4 layers, gloves, a hat etc and still feeling cold! 

We move house a week on Friday and I'm really looking forward to getting some new routes mapped and we are really close to the cycle path which will be great for getting reps done. I've got a number of options available but it's always a drag having to run a mile to the cycle paths and then a mile back, up hill! At least with only being 1/2 a mile away it will be easier to get to. The new flat is also exactly 10k from the office which will be great for running home after work. 

I really should look at entering more races, the Black Rock 5 was a good fun race but I need to get some road races done. I have the JogScotland One Big Weekend events in August where I plan to run all 4 of the events during the weekend. Starting in Aberdeen on the Saturday morning, then down to Perth for the afternoon, over to Glasgow on Sunday morning and finishing in Edinburgh on the Sunday evening. Really looking forward to it. Also now considering whether to race the Scottish Half marathon or head over to Glasgow for the half there. I really enjoyed the Glasgow half but not sure if it's going to be too close to Amsterdam. So much to think about! 

Someone said to me the other day I need to stop over analysing things and just enjoy my running and training. I wish I could stop analysing everything but I just like to know what I am meant to be doing, what races I should be targeting and be told what to do! 

Owain Williams

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