Swapping the runs around

Last week I swapped some of my runs around. This was mostly to try and fit things in over the weekend but also to make sure I didn't miss my long run for the week. 

Some of you might remember me chatting about my training for Glasgow half marathon late last year. I had missed too many long runs on the way to that race. I paid for it. Not enough endurance in my legs and generally being a bit lazy and using the excuse of "I'm too busy to get my long run in". 

I'm not going to use that excuse this year and rather than miss the long run on Sunday, I headed out after work on Friday. My usual route from the office to home is 7.5 miles. I was going to need to take a tour of Edinburgh! 

It was a horrible night, heavy rain for most of the run but I got it done. 

Saturday's run to the shops

Saturday morning I went out for a run with Mandy and stopped on the way home at a new Sicilian Pastry Shop we had been told about, new to us but I think it's been around for years. 

We popped in and came away with 2 croissants, a slab of gluten free brownie and a large slice of red velvet cake. Let's just say, this may become a regular Saturday morning run for us! 

 Sicilian Pastry Shop

Sunday's run.

Since I did my long run on Friday and I hadn't done my 4,3,2,1 half marathon paced session during the week due to my legs feeling really tired after Tuesday's track session, it was time to hit the cycle path and get the legs turning over at sub 6 minute per mile pace. 


I'm pretty pleased with how it went, now that it's done!
The first 4 mile section, after my warm up, was uphill and in to a strong wind so I just ran to effort rather than worry about a pace. 

The 4 mile section was done at 6:13 average pace. Then I was back the way I came, with the wind on my back and downhill so I just relaxed and knocked that out in 5:49 average pace! The last mile of the 3 mile rep was tough though. It was still downhill but it felt like an uphill struggle I just wanted to stop. I didn't, but mentally it was tough. I focussed on staying relaxed and keeping the legs moving as quickly as I could with as little contact with the pavement as possible.

The 2 mile rep was 5:56 average and some of that was uphill and in to the wind but I was happy to keep it sub 6 minutes per mile pace. The final mile rep came in a 5:48 average and I just wanted it finished with! 

Training is going well though and I'm looking forward to Inverness half marathon in March. I think I might take a Thursday as a rest day though and put my half marathon pace session on a Friday evening. It just gives me another day of recovery after the Tuesday track sessions. 

Owain Williams

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