Swimming - the week ahead


More miles? Yes please!

The last couple of weeks haven't been on target for me. 48 miles, 36 miles, 58 miles, 57 miles, but this week it's all going to change.

I've already planned the week ahead and it'll be a 70 mile week but on top of that, I've signed up to a six week swimming course. 

My running plan will be 12 miles tomorrow, 10 miles on Tuesday, 12 miles on Wednesday, 4 miles on Thursday, 12 miles on Friday, Saturday 4 miles and then finish on 16 miles on Sunday.

The only thing that could change in this plan is to run 8 miles on Thursday and then take Saturday as a day off. It really depends on Wednesday. Wednesday night is when I start learning to swim. 

I can swim but it's only breast stroke and I would really like to enjoy swimming, which I don't just now. 

This week will get me back on track and I aim to hold 70 mile weeks for the next 3 or 4 weeks. Mixed in to this there will be endurance training on the track on a Tuesday and half marathon paced training possible on a Friday.

Swimming? I thought you were a runner? 

I'm still training for my targets, but I'm looking at cross training as an additional bit of fitness.

I want to work on my overall fitness. I have been having intermittent stitches while running, sometimes I think it's due to dehydration but other times I think it's due to lack of muscle strength around my stomach and torso. 

My mum was a competitive swimmer and I've always liked the idea of being a good, strong swimmer. I'd like to be someone who can go to the pool and feel comfortable about getting in to the lane sessions, rather than feeling I should stay in the open area of the pool. If I manage to get in to swimming I would also like to go open water swimming at some point but that is some way down the line.




Owain Williams

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