Tag...you're it!

This week has been a bit more interesting for me, some more miles than previous week but also some good runs and some horrid runs. I've also started going back to the gym to try and help with my core fitness.

At the start of the week it was 10 miles a day again and it was clear that I had lost some of my fitness over the past 3 weeks. Monday's 10 mile run was tough and Tuesday was split in to two runs. One first thing in the morning and the second was the 5 mile handicap race at Pitreavie AAC. Last month I ran the course in just under 30 mins, this month I was closer to 32 mins! Amazing what 3 weeks off can do! I felt heavy, I felt slow and it's given me a real kick up the arse to get out training again!

Wednesday's run was slow and disappointing. I went out to cover 8 miles and 2 miles in I felt sick, dizzy and just not 100%. All I can put it down to is dehydration and possibly due to increasing the miles again. Who knows but I went to my first Metafit class at Meadowbank sports centre. If you haven't heard of Metafit before, basically its 30mins of squats, plank, running on the spot, lunges, burpees, you name it we probably did it. It's interval training with no equipment other than your body and a bottle of water! Before the class I drank a litre of water in the afternoon and felt so much better!

The sicky feeling did make me think about personal safety while out running. A while ago when I was Team manager for the Pitreavie AAC Road Runners, I organised for ICE Tags to be made for individuals. Never heard of an ICE tag? It's an In Case of Emergency tag, something small you can have on your person with a contact number of someone who should be informed if you are in trouble or found somewhere. I have a couple made up but never think about taking them with me when running at lunch time but I will be rethinking things after the run the other day.

The site I use is http://www.littlehugs.co.uk/ - have a look. They also make tags for your parkrun barcode!

Thursday was back to the track, 12 reps of 400 metres, finishing on 200 metre sprint with 50 metre recovery. Not done this session in some time but I do feel it gives me a good work out and helps me to control my breathing. So although I haven't managed 10 miles a day every day, I'm pretty happy with the way things have gone. I still plan on getting 10 miles in tomorrow and then heading up to Harrison Park on Sunday morning, even if that is for a 10 mile run instead of the 16. I will see how I feel and how quick the pace is!


Owain Williams

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