Take over my life!

This week has been a bit of a mixed bag of running. Sunday's 16 mile run felt great, I got to the end and felt I could have gone further but I decided to stick with the training plan and trust it. I think it was just now getting out for a run after the big move!

Mrs Scottishrunner and I have just bought our first house together and I have to say, it's amazing! Worth all the stress. The only downside is we have moved from a ground floor flat to a 3rd floor flat. Their are 62 steps to get to the flat and boy, did I know about them after the 16 miler. 

This weeks target mileage was 42 miles but after Tuesday's disaster of a track session, it was in doubt. I got to Saughton all set for a 400m, 1 mile x 5 session but after the first mile I was already struggling, in the end I was reduced to doing 400m reps with a generous recovery. My legs were dead and I was really heavy footed. Maybe it was from all the moving over the weekend, maybe it's due to the stairs that I'm not used to, who knows but I felt rubbish.

Wednesday was another heavy legged run, 7 miles to the new flat. I did manage to pick up the pace slightly towards the end but it was meant to be easy anyway. 

Thursday, I swapped my Friday day off as I had some things I needed to do so that meant yesterday was my first marathon paced run. 

2 mile warm up followed by 4 miles at marathon pace (6:40 - 6:50 min/mi pace), 4 minutes jog recovery, 3 miles at MP, 1 mile cool down. 

The first 4 miles of the MP efforts were fine (averaged 6:45), really relaxed and felt easy, the rain was getting really heavy by the time I had the recovery but it was quite refreshing. Then the problems started. 
First of the final 3 miles reps, seemed OK for pace but the all of a sudden my pace was getting slower but my effort was getting harder. I was really pushing hard to try and get my watch to show 6:50 let along 6:40! It felt like the harder I ran the slower the watch said I was running - then I switched the screen to show GPS accuracy and the answer was clear, I had an accuracy of 600ft! 

Usually my watch is locked in to within 20ft of my location, I'm not sure if the rain on the trees covering the path was causing issues with the signal, or if there was something else wrong but it was a bit annoying. I did eventually manage to get the mile split down to 6:48 pace.

Training is taking over my life again, it doesn't feel that long ago since I was training for Edinburgh marathon and I can't believe that I'm already upping my weekend long run distance from 16 to 18, then up again.
I really enjoy the training, even more so when I have a schedule to follow, it gives me a clear plan and focus.

If I can complete the full schedule without injury I honestly think I will be in the best shape I have ever been in for a marathon race.

Owain Williams

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