That's more like it!

Well, I got up and I ran. I actually ran much better than I thought I would for an early morning run. As I said in last night's blog, I was going to do a tempo run but after the second mile I just felt that wasn't going to be possible but I kept the legs turning over and before I knew it, I was passing the 3 mile mark. 

I felt relaxed and the miles were just clicking past, so much so that I actually kept on missing the mile markers on my route. I know the route so well that I know where my watch should be giving me a mile split but I was just enjoying the run and not caring about the pace or distance. 

I went past the 4 mile mark and this is where I should have turned around and headed home for the out and back but I kept on running and took it up to a 9 mile out and back, which should, if all things went well, give me 8 solid miles at sub 7 min/mi pace and I could call the first mile a warm up. 

I got to my turning loop and then started to make my way back home. Headtorch lighting my way and still running comfortable, not looking at my watch and not having a care in the world. 

Considering yesterday was such a bad run, this morning I felt like an elite athlete! Amazing what a good nights sleep and a rest can do for the body and mind.

I have my work's Christmas lunch today but I'm already planning on trying to get home at a reasonable hour so that I can get some time with Mandy, a good nights sleep and out on the road again first thing tomorrow. I know people will ask why can't I have a day off or miss a run and sure, I probably could but I'd rather not, plus I'm back in the office tomorrow for a full day of work so I'd prefer not to be nursing a soar head or be too tired to think!


A happy runner!

Owain Williams

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