The dreadmill

This past week I have been having a bit of time off from my training, went down to York with Mandy for a long weekend - feel really sorry for the residents of York, its going to take some time to recover after the flooding! In the 48 hours we were there the river had risen at least 3 foot! Scary!

When I got back, after delays on the train - due to flooding - training recommenced last night at the track. 16 reps of 200 metres with 3 minutes recovery, I had thought I had my spikes in the car but found that they weren't there which was a bit of an issue since the track was frozen! The red lanes had turned to white shiny lanes. I went for a warm up round the track and I wasn't too bad in my trainers but once we started the reps I did find I was slower off the 'Go!' that everyone else who were wearing spikes. I was half expecting to hit the corner and spin across 4 lanes taking out everyone who got in my way. All my reps were about the 32 seconds range which I was happy with.

Today the pavements at my work were so icy that I decided to go for the safe option and hit the treadmill, I had it planned in my head that I would do 8 easy miles, just to loosen the legs off from last night. First mile was fine, second mile I was struggling to enjoy it and by the third mile I had lost the will to live! Ended the run at 3.33 miles. It wasn't even a hard pace, I was just bored. I tried everything I could, I turned my music up in the gym, I changed the pace, changed the incline, opened the window, got some water, got my back on the treadmill and still I just couldn't do it. I jumped off and went on to the bike and did 5.55 miles on the bike instead.

It's scary to think the first ever half marathon I ran, was on a treadmill. Once you start running outside, there really isn't anything better or that even compares to it.

Owain Williams

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