The night runner

Today was a very icy day around the office so I decided not to run in the morning or at lunch time, instead Mandy and I decided we would go for a run in the evening. Before we did we headed to Decathlon as Mandy was looking for some new waterproof shoes for wearing at the cross country races when she comes along to support. While we were there we looked at head torches. We have been thinking about getting head torches ever since we ran the Speed of Light event - running up, over and around Arthurs seat in light suits!

I had been looking at head torches in the region of £40 after reading tweets about different types but since I wasn't sure how often we would use them we went for a £12.99 option.

Got back to the flat and decided we better just head out for a run before it got any later, Mandy headed out for her 25min run and I thought I would 'borrow' her new head torch and go run around Arthurs Seat, just round the road but since there are no street lights round the route it would be a perfect test for the torch. 

So with 3 layers on - T-shirt, long sleeve T-shirt and jacket - woolly hat, gloves, new head torch and I have to admit, I finally pulled on my running trousers, I headed out towards Arthurs Seat. As soon as I got to Holyrood park I turned the light on. 

Heading round the park it was amazing, I spotted a number of reflective ghosts coming towards me with nothing more than the stripes on their jackets or shorts to illuminate them. Instantly I felt safer with the head torch on, I could see others, I could see the ice and also any obstacles i.e.. tree branches, and I could be seen. If I hadn't had my torch - sorry, Mandy's torch - I reckon I would have ran in to quite a few of the ghosts.

Up round the road and standing up there, looking over Edinburgh, it was amazing. I got a real buzz from it. The silence, the cold, the freedom the torch gave me. If I had been running without it I would have never even have considered running up there in the dark. 

Another head torched runner came towards me, I shouted, "Evening" and to my surprise I got a really friendly "Hiya!" back. Usually I just get ignored, maybe the darkness gives people more confidence. 

It was a great run and I was so glad to have my running tights on. I would recommend heading out with a head torch on a run to anyone. Something a bit different to the usual pounding of street lit roads. 

10 km was the total distance tonight and it was the best run I have had in a long time. Looking forward to more night running soon! Mandy may need to fight me for the use of her head torch.

Owain Williams

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