The wheels on the bus go...

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The wheels on the bus go....

I recently started a new job and have been getting the bus each day to the office instead of driving. I used to car share with Mandy but we work in opposite directions now and it's just as cheap to get a bus pass. Plus there is not much parking at my new office.

It takes about 40 mins each way and I've been using my time to read books, catch up on twitter, facebook, all the usual things people seem to do these days while on the bus.

The bus I get has free Wifi onboard but it seems that Lothian buses' 'fair useage' is less than 80 mins per day. I've ran out of wifi access on more than one occasion, so I then switch over to my own data useage on my phone. This has now meant I've maxed out my 1Gb allowance on my phone as well!

Instead of using the internet on the bus, I had an idea to start blogging while travelling and it works! My laptop is small enough not to get in the way and I can type out a blog offline and then upload it either at lunch time or once I get home at night.
That is what I am doing right now, travelling in to work and bashing out a blog. Is this what it feels like to be a writer?
Writing a book at any moment, writing as soon as you have an idea? Who knows but this might be the start of more frequent updates to, which I know many of you would prefer. The only issue I can see is having enough to type about. I guess my weekly training will feature more, I have a couple of products to review, Nuun hydration tabs being one, my new Garmin 610 GPS watch will be another, maybe even a review of my orange Talon-X 190's.

Dundee Cross Country

I've got another race this weekend up in Dundee, another cross country but I don't think my Talon-X's will be making an appearance. Dundee is more suited to spikes I feel. I've ran Dundee a number of times over the years and I like the course, not as much fun as Alloa was I don't think but you never know. If the weather stays this cold it could a fast race, frozen ground and not much mud. We will see.


Thursday meadows

I've started going back to the Meadows on a Thursday evening. This is a coach lead training session every Thursday that Edinburgh Athletic Club host. It's usually about 3 or 4 miles worth of efforts, starting at 7pm. It's a massive group, usually around 40 runners "Rock up" each week.

Last night was 12 1 minute effort bursts with 1 min jog / regroup recovery. Since I am racing on Saturday I dropped back a group and just sat at the back of the group. Putting an effort in but not all out. It was cold and I tend to try and get an extra mile warm up done before the group head out at 7pm for the main warm up. I find 2 miles is enough to get me warm and feeling like I can give it my all at these sessions.

Unlike the Tuesday track session at Saughton, we never know what a Thursday is going to be until we turn up. Sometimes it's hill reps, sometimes it's longer distance reps, a mile for example, sometimes, like last night, it's short fast reps. Always a good session and everyone is really friendly. If you are ever in Edinburgh and fancy a bit of speed work, head along to The Meadows and meet at the Pavillion at the end of Middlemeadow walk for 7pm.

Now that I seem to have found more time to type up blogs, feel free to suggest topics, ideas, ask questions. If you would like a product reviewed, get in touch and I'll see if I can make contact with the manufacturer.

Final thought

Well, not really a thought but more an observation, sitting here on the bus with my laptop on my knee. No-one seems to want to sit next to me. Excellent!!

Owain Williams

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