The woes of an injured runner

5 weeks have passed since I injured my foot while out running in Lanzarote and I’ve been a bit quiet on here. I’ve not been running much due to the pain and I had hoped the rest would fix it.
I haven’t had complete rest though, I’ve still ran the races that I had already entered. I ran Manchester half marathon, which was a good course but I had a bit of a meltdown in the middle of the race. I just lost focus but eventually joined a group of 3 runners who were passing me and thankfully found my focus again. I finished in 1:24 which wasn’t bad considering the foot.

I then ran the Tweed Valley 20k Tunnel run the following week and my foot really disliked the downhill sections – the parts I’m usually good at. Due to the lack of training my endurance was lacking and I went from 1st to 3rd. Unfortunately, the race results and prizes are done on chip time, not final position and so I lost 3rd place by 25 seconds. Gutted.
Since then I’ve been doing a couple of miles here and there. I’ve been to the physiotherapist to try and get my foot fixed and started cycling to and from work to try and rest my foot as much possible.
Just over a week ago I got the OK to run again from the physio and so last week I managed to clock up 35 miles. My highest miles in over a month!

I also raced at the weekend. Two races to be exact. The first was the first race of the Foxtrail Winter Series and the second was the Cancer Research Tough 10 race in the Pentlands. Both races I ran last year and had really good results. This year, I still had good runs but lack of fitness showed. I finished the 13k Foxtrail race 9th overall which isn’t too shabby and 5th for the CRUK 10k.
I really enjoy both these races.

The Foxtrail series has a real community feel to it. I spent ages before the race just catching up with people who I met last year. On the start line we were all laughing and joking and just having fun. Then the race started and within the first 100 metres I knew I wasn’t in good shape. The pace wasn’t amazingly fast but I couldn’t keep with the first group who were slowly pulling away from me.
I just tried to settle in to a comfortable pace and enjoy the race. I made up a couple of places and finished in 9th which isn’t too bad. The next race is the night time 10k which I’m looking forward to. It’s also on my birthday so maybe make it in to a bit of a party.

This week I’ve been running most days and my foot is starting to feel much better. I managed to do a full session at track on Tuesday too which was good. Hopfully it won’t be too long until the speed will come back to my legs.

Owain Williams

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