This is it!!

The night before the race. I had hoped to get this blog out before now but never mind!

Due to trying to secure a new flat, the past couple of days have been a tad stressful and I've had to wait around for solicitors to call back etc. 

Am I worried about this, nope not one bit. I've managed to get out for a couple of 3 mile runs just to keep me ticking over and on the day I will be fine. 

I've got my plan in place, I've even got my post race plan in place for a quick recovery - whether this works we will find out. 

Yesterday was a very relaxed day, didn't do much at all, just rested. Today I was a marshal for the 10k race which was an early start but great to watch. Everyone did brilliantly! It was a tough course! Not sure I would fancy racing it. Once around Arthurs Seat and then along Duddingston road, up the Innocent railway before heading down to Dynamic Earth. 

Tomorrow, well, obviously it's the day of the race. Forecast so far say isn't ideal but it could be worse. Just now its a 15mph head wind for the first 17 miles but then it should be a tail wind all the way back to the finish line. Since I'm not going out hard for the first 20 miles I should feel comfortable, even with the head wind which is meant to gust 20mph at times. There is also meant to be some light rain which should keep us all cool, I would much prefer light rain than sunshine! 

As I said, the plan is go out easy at 6:50 minutes / mile all the way to 20 miles, which will get me to that point in 2 hours 16mins and if I continue at this pace for the next 6 miles I would come in at 2:59.10 which is fine by me. I do plan on picking up the pace for the final 10k though and especially if there is a tailwind so I will see what my final time is on the day. 

I have two aims for the race on Sunday, the first is to get a sub 3 hour marathon, the second is to run every step. I've ran 8 marathons and only once have I ran every step and that was at Loch Ness Marathon. 

I reckon from a fitness point of view, I'm more than capable of getting sub 3 hours and some people have suggested I am even sub 2:55 but there is a reason for the plan I have for Edinburgh. I want to recover quickly so that I can really focus on Amsterdam marathon and possibly aim for 2:45! 

The recovery plan is, as quickly as I can after the finish, get some food in to me. I've packed my soreen malt loaf and chocolate milk, I will also be pulling on my compression socks as soon as I can and then, maybe, pop over to the beer tent to either a) drown my sorrows or b) celebrate. 

All that is left for me to say is, best of luck to everyone tomorrow, whether you are racing the half marathon, taking part in the relay or taking on the marathon. Enjoy the race, remember the first 6 miles are downhill, trust your pacing and don't do anything crazy until about mile 22 !!




Owain Williams

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